2D Rock-Off #5: 3000AD Gangster Warlord *Winner*

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Starock Weekly Challenge

The Starock Challenge is a weekly contest divided into 2 categories, 2D Rock-Off and Starlite Photo, rotating between photography and 2D art, each challenge lasts 2 weeks.

I'll be doing the 2D concept challenges, visit zemotion for info on the Photograph challenge.

Every 2 weeks a new 2D Challenge will begin, with a different topic/theme each time. Each Challenge will run for approximately 10 days. In which all the entries will be posted into one Journal for deviants to view and comment.

2D Rock-Off #5: 3000AD Gangster Warlord

The Topic is 3000AD Gangster Warlord
(Can be male of female)

(sorry I accidentally had "creature" as the category before, either creature or character is fine)

Imagine the world setting in 3000AD, it can be an age of supertech, or an age where the world is destroyed, go wild with the setting.  A future gangster warlord with cool design and attitude~!

Deadline: Sept 9, 2008

Here're the winners for Rock-off #4:
Whew, I thought there was going to be no entries this round ;) Thanks for all of your that joined!  The overall quality is definately higher even tho there're less entries,so I'm happy ^^

We also got a first 2-time winner, grats Frankhong ;D

1st)frankhong              +$50

2nd)tsad               twisted warlord by tsad

3rd - TIE!)dothaithanh + Nether83          This_is _my_tea_time by dothaithanh Gangster Warlord 3000AD by Nether83


warm-quest             :thumb97011139:
Alexis-Kurosawa        3000AD Gangster Warlord by Alexis-Kurosawa
Nekomancerz           You are surrounded by Nekomancerz

Thanks a lot for joining! I wish I can more 2nd/3rd prize, but :( Hope everyone would enjoy it as a bi-weekly brainstorm concept session and have fun! Please do also forgive me for the late-ness sometime in the result and starting of new round, things had been busy lately, and also this DA journal edit isn't as easy as it looks (and adding the votes,etc and updating the rocks,etc haha)  Anyways, new round will start soon!

Click HERE or the Hall of Rockers at the side menu for current Rock ranking~!

1st Place: 1 Winner Golden JooRock* + $50.00**
2nd Place: 2 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
3rd Place: 1 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
Runnerups (up to 5)

Non-winning participants: 1 Grain of Sand.... (Purpose of sand is still in consideration)

*For more information on JooRock please see HERE or the RULES link at the top~
**$50 via paypal, or equivalent or less value in subscription or print or we can work something out.
***I really hope this contest focus on everyone drawing together as weekly activity more then a prize-target only contest, the judge's opinions and choice would obviously be different then what some ppl think and please do not start some flame war or something :D

Rules are here:

- One entry per deviant per Challenge
- 2D only, digital or traditional, color or B/W (few minute doodles do not count), background optional but welcome
- Size doesn't matter, just be reasonable please~
- Entries must be new works created for the Challenge Topic after it's announced.
- You retain your copyrights. We just want it to be fair for everyone to create new works within the same time-frame.
- Descriptions for entries are optional, feel free if it helps support your work better. ^^
- State either in deviation Title or Description that it is a Rock-off Challenge entry.

- Note me your entry with the subject: Rock-off #1 :thumbcode:.

*********more then 50% of the people didn't put the thumbnail code in the note TITLE, please remember to put it in the title so I can just directly  copy and paste from the note title, thanks!*********

*The thumbnail code is under your deviation's Details, on the right of Artist's Comments. It begins with :thumb and ends with numbers:. I will be copying and pasting the code from the Subject of the note, so do not use the "Share This" function.

- Note me once only.
- For users found to submit backdated and stolen works, I'll buy a voodoo doll with your name and stab it with toothpicks :)
- Further rules please click HERE
or the RULES link at the top~


:iconnjoo: :iconarnistotle: :iconlychi: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconzemotion: (possibly more)

Entries go here, and will be updated as submissions are received (or whenever I can)

1) The Mafia Warlord by AstroHelix2) Gangster dude by spazizoner3):thumb96968610:
4) This_is _my_tea_time by dothaithanh5) warlord by toonfed6):thumb97011139:
7)8) 3000 A.D warlord by benchi9)
10) future gangster by Sizov11) 3000AD Gangsta Warlord by Thrakks12) Swamp Thugs by Flynn-the-cat
13) 3000AD Gangster Warlord by Alexis-Kurosawa14) If war is what they want... by seravi15):thumb97416562:
16) Cortez Leone - 3000AD Gangster by Dante36517) Gangstaa Rock by deathscythe0918) You are surrounded by Nekomancerz
19)20) Don Calico in 3000 AD by bernalilo21) Thuggish... Ruggish..B-B-Bone by alphacentauri85
22) swim wit da fishes by hakubaikou23) GANGSTER. by evikted24) Gangster Warlord 3000AD by Nether83
25) Rock-Off 5 warlord by k-endless26) 3000AD Gangster Warlord by RobertLaszloKiss27) Kai Crisis by AkirA6001
28) LA Flooded by RallySelf29) twisted warlord by tsad30):thumb97570627:

Sponsors (Thanks!):
daleicious- $50/month Paypal (Will go towards adopting one of the weeklies)

Any sponsor is more then welcome, please note me :D

© 2008 - 2021 nJoo
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alphacentauri85's avatar
I thought #22 was friggin awesome but it didn't even get a runner-up nod... and #10 being my second favorite, also didn't. Do I have strange taste or something? Haha. Anyway, congrats to the winners.
nJoo's avatar
I guess it's just one of those round that the final choice was hard and each one was good in their own way and we had to make a tough choice T_T
Dante365's avatar
Shame Benchi and Spazizoner weren't up there, but apart from that, the top three winners were the one's I'd expect to win, so congratulations guys and/or girls. ;)
Nether83's avatar
Wow! Third place tie for me. Thank you for that.

Too bad for AstroHelix not making it. I was sure he'd rank above me. No surprise in Frankhong winning as it was my favorite one too.

It was a fun Rock-Off and I'm eager to start the next one.
lakuma's avatar
i think its kinda dumb that pros come here and win theres no piont in competing

of course fankhog was gona win
HowlSeage's avatar
How did i guess frank would get #1, lol. Damn him, haha.
AstroHelix's avatar
Nicely done, winners! :) I'll have to try harder next time!
InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
Unfortunately, my favourite isn't placed (and myself neither :D). But I learned a lot during painting and it was really fun. Congrats to the winners! :)
nJoo's avatar
which one was your favorite? I'd love to hear other's opinion too! :D
InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
My favourite was number 10, because of the colours and the lighting. :) I think it looks really cool.
hakubaikou's avatar
Yay, my favorite one placed! :) Congrats to the winners! And thanks so much for running this contest, nJoo. This one was a really fun theme.
Nightmare-Shinigami's avatar
I'll have the time to enter one of these eventually....I know it! The entries are amazing this round, I cat wait to see what the next challenge is!
mitosiskain's avatar
awww I missed it
Dante365's avatar
I actually finished my entry this time.......just a shame I can't draw backgrounds at all, I guess. Wanted him to be in some kindof neon cyberpunk universe, but do I have enough imagination? Nope.

Hehe, anyway good luck everyone. You're all miles better than me lol, but it was fun, so I wouldn't mind doing another sometime.
dothaithanh's avatar
as i guess , a little in the first and too much at the last .no chance for me -__-

many awesome entries and i glad that i join it
try my best and stand here with many great artist , it enough .
nomatter , join the next contest . and ..
(njoo sir ? what is the next topic, please tell me , a secret information ? ;) )
nJoo's avatar
Hehe that's the spirit! But honestly I really like yours in terms of the concept, totally original, and the picture totally tells a story, which imo isn't easy to achieve and takes time and effort~ anyways, thanks for ur entry!
dothaithanh's avatar
... then .. and , how about the secret information ? >_< !

you really like it ? even it not actractive much or even to many things deal with the main char or too much unnesesary detail or , ...>_<..
anyway ,just know you like it make me can draw another or another contest , i really want to control well the color or the skill to make my ideal clearer and more actractive ..
then , the next context ? o__O
Thrakks's avatar
Seeing some of those submissions, I feel out of my league.
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
You get a free feature, though :D
Thrakks's avatar
yup, that is pretty much enough in itself!
AstroHelix's avatar
There is no league at this contest! I mean sure, I'm shakin' in my boots here too, but this is all about having a reason to push your art to its limits. I've entered before and didn't win and I was all sad about it, but I saw a ton of awesome art along the way and I think I've improved for it. I'm honored to have my stuff displayed next to so many great artists' work win or not! ;)
Thrakks's avatar
Heh, very true!
Dante365's avatar
Lol, I actually did do an entry for the previous one, but it was so unfinished it was untrue..........I can't actually colour properly yet, and I'm still trying to figure anatomy and perspective out for myself.

Might go up to uni next year, so hopefully that'll help. Anyway, I have an entry in the works for this one too. Done a fair amount of it actually, but need to work out what colours I want, and what kind of crazy clothes he might have.

Ah well, 5 days left still, technically, so hopefully it'll be done in time. It's just a bit of fun anyway. Who cares where anyone is placed....it's the taking part and having fun that counts. :p
Sergon's avatar
O_o only 2 entries and its Sept 3 already (!) whats going on ppl? I was gonna skip it but heck I guess I can cook somthing up over the weekend -)
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