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World of China Mieville

By nJoo
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These illos were done for Paizo's Dragon magazine #352~

Not too sure of the story behind it, but it was for creatures for the world of China Mieville~
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Great work! Just how I imagined the Garuda. China writes such wonderful books ❤️ I really like your artwork!
Check out "Perdido Street Station" by China Mieville. First of a trilogy.
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Please tell me you have read it since, these drawings influenced me every-time I pictured some of the fantastic peoples of bas-lag. Nice to know the artist.
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Love that cactacae! :)
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I've always had trouble picturing what the Sting boxes look like. This makes it easy, thanks.
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I'm reading Perdido Street Station and this is pretty awesome.
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This is great! I really like how you depicted each creature Nod 
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One of my favourite books, love your renditions of them all.
It was Dragon #352 that first got me interested in China Mieville's books, so much so that I eventually wrote my senior keystone project about them in college. Your illustrations in that article were one of the biggest things that got that interest going, and for that, I will always be grateful to you. Thanks, nJoo! :)
Hoyaa! That is where I first got into them too. I am in the midst of rereading them. He is one of my all-time favorites.
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I love the book. Great job on the creatures!
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I'm almost done reading Perdido Street station, planning on reading The Scar right when I'm done with it. The most impressive of these is your Kephri! It's exactly how I thought they looked. Absolutely amazing!
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Read Perdido Street Station this summer, I'm reading The Scar now. I've been looking for good reference material for Bas-Lag races and these are just AWESOME. Good work and keep it up!
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Never ceases to amaze
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Long book, great story.
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This is perfect. You are an absolute genius. I'm sure Mieville would be super proud if he saw these.
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Re-reading "Perdido Street Station" now and checking around for art. Very nicely done!
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Liking the Vodyanoi ^^
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Hah! It's interesting to see how everyone forms their own interpretations from a novel. The vodyanoi, garuda and khepri are all quite different from how I imagined them.

I just finished reading The Scar too. I'm rather sad that it's over. :P
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The best work of Steampunk what i see! ))
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I like the khepri and the Vodyanoi. They are really as i imagin them. Great!

And the remade is also really perfect...

I just imagined the cactacae slimmer....

I'm impressed!
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your conceptual skills amaze me ~

what is truly remarkable is that you had not even read the books when you painted these ~ yet they are so true, especially the Remade, Rivebow and Stingbox; and seeing these images enhances the reading.
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