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Venom Final

Here's a piece I did for a 2-piece collab with my buddy Herbert :icongenghiskwan:, check out his Spider-man !

Been FOREVER since I updated... was so busy with work and other projects.
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awesome work dude.
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Sick Vemom picture!

The great thing also is that Eddie Brock is back as Venom!, but really amazing fan work, stunning.
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Fierce. I could see this as a Marvel collector's card.
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Whoa one of the best venoms i´ve seen for a really long time .....dope!!!
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This's so epic 
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Carnage: C'mon dad, you'll get your chance to kill Josh when he gets to me and Sunsets wedding.
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Venom: Exactly...
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Carnage: Better see how my bride is doing. *Goes to Sunset* Hi honey!
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Sunset: Go away...
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Carnage: *Gets closer to her* Aw c'mon babe, everything's going to be fine. Who cares about that "Flashy"?
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Sunset: I do! He's a better man than you'll ever be!
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Carnage: When he gets here, *Shape shifts his hand to a huge Axe* his blood is mine! *Mad chuckle*
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Beautiful piece of work! You captured Venom's personality very well! Congrates!
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