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Undead Dragon

This was an older dragon piece I did, undead dragon. The result didn't turn out as good as I expected. It was for a cover for Dungeon 109 I believe, the printed version, the BG was all cropped away and turned into neon green because I guess it conflicted with the text. But this is the orig version I decided to post.

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This is really cool! Great job!!! :D :love:
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good style man i like your style
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I remember that dragon. I ran him against my party in that campaign. The original is better than the green backdropped one.
Dr490n10v3r's avatar
oooohhhh... theres also a EURO symbol lol
Dr490n10v3r's avatar
i believe theres a SIMOLEON symbol on teh wall along with teh other symbols
Lex-Zaiya's avatar
Regardless of the type of dragon I love them all! Nice piece!
DeadAndyMan's avatar
That`s one wicked and awesome dragen, dude! :3[link]
Aranuman8160's avatar
Now that is a necromancers wet dream!
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Love it dude, especially the varying states of decay it's in. It almost looks like it's been made out of several different dragons. Anyways it freaking rocks.
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nice two of my favret things put togeather!

keep it up!
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Someone is claiming this as their own and I don't think it is you...

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lmao actaully that is me ;D i joined gaia wayyyy back when it started, haven't really touched it much since~
shiroi-tategami's avatar
Ok lol! Cuz they seemed like they didn't know what to say about the art and stuff hahaha.
ZidanielRaziel's avatar
Nothing like a good undead dragon. Thx for the favourite.

its awesome dude! Makes me wonder how much Black Mana I am going to need to summon it...

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Awesome! Great work!
Angus-coorporation's avatar
Good effects of light and shade :)
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Liked the coloring specially
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