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Tower battle

A piece done for Pathfinder - Paizo publishing a little while back!
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Fantastic scene.
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Awesome, I wonder what is attacking; is it like a semi-aquatic kraken?
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Wooow, the motion and angle in your last couple of artpieces is really stunning! The woman at the front, the guy charging, the one being hold... there's just so much to look at and I like how the motile parts are blurred. Wonderful job!
Sean-teh-Sex-Pirate's avatar
i love it! also pathfinder is my true roleplaying love.
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Wow, I really like that speed blur effect! Do you mind sharing how you did that? I have to deal with speed a lot in something I'm planning, so any advice would be helpful if you have any time. :) Love the everything in this picture by the way, the colours are outstanding! :D
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oh wow, freaking awesome
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This composition blows my mind ;u;
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oooh were you trying to use the swords as arrows pointing to the tentacle?
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Great action work!
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as a player of pathfinder i only ave one thing to say about this...

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Noting but epic love for this one!!!!!
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Is the tentacle using the guy he snatched to attack the ranger?
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that's some huge tentacle monster there :giggle:
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Dual-wielding is the way to go. This Fighting Man is wise.
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Wow so much movement, it looks like a still from an animation.
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I can almost hear him scream "GET SOME!"
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this is seriously the classiest motion blur i have ever seen. mad props!
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I like your art style and use of colors a lot. :D
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really awesome. we do not get enough people swinging swords around here.
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what an epic piece. I absolutely love the motion
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