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Having the character in the background enlarged and faded is such an awesome touch.
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He looks like the prince of orphans from marvel's immortal weapons. Either way I love this picture and i'm thinking of doing a version of a caped ghost-like sorcerer myself. The concept is awesome.
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His bandages and burned cape and skin remind me of my sorcerer Moxxi,He was a pyromaniac,mashochist psychopath killing machine who killed and burned everyone.He liked pain so much he sometimes cut himself.That's why he needed bandages
Mister-Jej's avatar
Wow! Awesome work! He looks like Jack of Blades (cf. Fable, the lost chapter). :)
EvilWeenie's avatar
I love the expression outfit matches also this is a compleate pakage :D
AceOfKeys72's avatar
His tattered cape almost looks like flames. His left hand and the look of his skin seems to emphasize a kind of flame motif, or perhaps the destructive nature of Fire. Very nice ;)
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This looks incredible! Out of curiosity is that what his face really looks like or is it just a mask?
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It's epic! and remember me Moon Há, from Thundercats
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Freaking amazing !!!!!
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he looks a lot like the main bad guy from Fable I
nice work
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Wow he looks so cool :). I love the dark atmosphere surrounding him.
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Very cool character design. I really admire it :omg:
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o_O Awsome !!! Good Job !
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reminds me of jack of blades
Hollow-nyan's avatar
WOOOOOOO is so awesome !!
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I love this. He's dark and just awesome.
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All this new stuff is so awesome! can't wait to see more!
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