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Dragon Issue 357

Some fire demon being summoned (bet you almost missed the guy in the cloak behind the demon muahah) Had a lot of fun with the fire effect hehehe :D
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that is really impressive!

Good work. The summoner looks like a Jawa, though. Just saying :D

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I know this is not politically correct to say but, ehem
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It appears that someone tried to dial the Abyss but got the Elemental Plane of Fire instead. Whoops, wrong number!
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This awesome artwork has been featured here:…
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I love the cultist/magicians facial expression.  It almost looks as if summoning fire demons via human sacrafice is boring to him and he would really rather be getting back to some unspeakably evil magical stuff.
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Made me think of a books i read, Bartimeus trilogy. Realy nice pic ^^
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It remind me one episode from Misfits :)
Poor guy, one of those days. Nice picture though, always love when there's some neat fire involved.
Your art is immortalized in card-form!

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I love the fire effect in this, the background is also really well detailed.
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This picture still gives me chills, I feel like this is just the introduction to a really amazing story! :happybounce:
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humm...sacrifice....where is the dark priest performing this summoning? Oh there he is!! (sees cloaked figure holding the dagger in the background). Poor guy...his soul is about to be devoured. Beautiful picture.
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glory in sacrifice, woot!
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yay, i wanna summon demons too! awesome drawing by the way :D
This is one of the most realistically surreal pics I've ever seen! Well done!
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