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SF Bosses

Wohoo go go street fighter!!!!! ~ROAR~

[Painter + Photoshop]
[Jan 2005]
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This is great! Do you do commissions?
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Beautiful,... Beautiful!

M. Bison: Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.


these are the links to my works



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balrog is boss?? he is weak
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Loves me some Vega!
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For a ninja, Vega really has very long Hair
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That was a perfect image to figure in a dictionary aside the word "boss". ^^

Fav'd and watch'd!
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thumbs up for this one. Im a huge fan of SF. And Sagat pwns all. MUAHAHAHA
more of vega please
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I always loved SF... all parts... Sagat and Vega are truely kicking ass!!!^^
Backgrounds awesome too... ;)
Sweeney-Todd-666's avatar
Great, i love them all!!
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memories, great pic
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street fight rules haha great pic
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love this, it's so awesome O.O
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Damn good job. Not many can pull off a group shot of these four so powerfully.
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Nice! That's on the cover of one of the comics right? I was just reading that at my work a few days ago, haha.
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Vega pose is priceless (Vega US version)

My fav character in sf 2 , along with Zangief.
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Nice tribute to the original SF2 and variations' bosses. Any way you look at it, it's THE classic fighting game.
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awesomeness... simply put.
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Awesome pic!Your gallery is awesome!
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