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Magma Dragon

It's dragon time! Been a while since I drew dragons, here're a few that I did for Paizo Publishing!

Introducing... Magma Dragon

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It's like a magma dragon, much stronger than standard fire dragon haha.
Very nice concept well done!
GasterBlasterz's avatar
How do you do that??? 0.0
AskPrinceNightsky's avatar
I'm making my own Magma Dragon for a modern day Pathfinder session I'm writing for my club. He's called Discord, yes MLP reference. XD
Purplcurri12's avatar
i usually dont like fire dragons cause they are cliche but this is amazing! :)
Soul-Masker's avatar
could have been a little better if there was more magma poring from his mouth and more cracks of "orange" on his wings and legs
other than that, it' so good
Alexdream12's avatar
very amazing!!!! nice work
JakeTheDragonKnight's avatar
Love it! Wish it had the download button though, I like big resolution pics. For wallpaper purposes.
Sabientje13's avatar
I do love it
Its wonderful
oOChErRyThEbErRyOo's avatar
This is really cool! :D
yosofine's avatar
This just beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.
Gigiluv11's avatar
im wondering what format is this? Paint...draw then scan, or what? It looks like paint to me.
kurtschoerie's avatar
you got skills bud. One of the best illustrations iv seen! I know how hard dragons are to draw im busy with three of them. EPIC EPIC
CrashTheStampede's avatar
Wow, thats fantastic!
mac-theteenwolf's avatar
dude thats so awesome !!!!!!!!!
Monymaii's avatar
Beautiful dragon :D The magma looks great
Nosferatu267's avatar
I am sooo happy! Finally the picture of my favorite dragon of all pathfinder!! I am a fan of Pathfinder and THIS drag[link]
Lenuk's avatar
you'r dragons are awsome
Nosferatu267's avatar
Are you... really drawing for Paizo?? You know, I play pathfinder for a year now and it's my favorite.
nJoo's avatar
ya I did a lot of work for Paizo, but recently I've been busy with other things so I didn't do much for them lately :D
avpdrago's avatar
awsome? like it)
Pocky-o-clock's avatar
Awesome XD all I can say if the campaign I'm in runs into this...I might freak...and hope we don't get a party wipe
Lilium-Cruentus's avatar
Nice :) I've noticed that very few people give their dragon wings a lot of care, but your wings here are beautiful. They're robust and tetured... it really gives good depth to your painting ^^
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