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Recent creature design activity entry :)

"Nothing should survive in such high temperature environment, however the internal structure of this mystic beast is beyond the understanding of men. While all creature must consume food to create energy to survive, the beast feeds on perhaps the purest form of energy, heat. Similar to plants, which require sunshine and water, in a mythical world, the closest thing that is a is a combination of the sun and water, would perhaps be lava. It's internal organs, if they can even be called organs, transform the heat into energy to "power" up this unique creature. The Lava swimmer is a slow moving beast, and swims as if it has lost its soul. Where did it come from, why did it choose to exist in such lonely world where no other lifeform exist... that's a story for another time..."
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Really cool and primeval look to the creature. The great crustocean-like plating and long slug-like body helps in carrying that impression across.
Now I picture it in a coiled-up orouboros-pose as it rests within the heart of the world. Makes for nice symbolism with the 'purest form of energy' and having the creature taking on the pose as the symbol of immortal life. 

I remember reading once of how silicon-based life could perhaps live with sulphuric acid as a solvent, and that a hypothetical sulfur- and fluorosiloxane- based-organism could use molten rock as a solvent. Quite a rich source of inspiration for alien life, eh?