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Katharius - Celestial Beholder

This is god's vessel that descends along with angels to purify the world of evil. The center of the creature contains the "eye of god" and the small tentacles above act as the detector or evil energy sensor. The long tentacles then drains the evil energy towards the eye of god for purification. The whole vessel radiates with godly aura that not only protects the rather weak body structure of the vessel, but it can also cloak the creature and conceal it from the human eyes. When the sky glows with beautiful colors, perhaps it's not the arctic lights, and the sparkles shimmer in the sky might not actually be stars.

It's like the war tank of the gods that aid the angels in the endless war between good and evil.
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wow very cool man that remind some chtulu it's very great

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It's a good thing humans can't see this thing.... I'd reckon more than a few will instantly renounce their god for hiring this thing for daily jobs :XD:
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That's a BIG Metroid
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i have no word...
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very inspiring subtle frequency sub-dimensional soft manner of approach
good medicine!
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One word: Metroid.
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that's what i thought too...
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Amazing concept. Stunning imagery. All in all beautiful work. Well done! :]
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I remember hearing that the original greyhawk idea of beholder was of a peaceful, isolated group of floating creatures deep in a mountain. They weren't the evil tyrants they eventually became in D&D lore.
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Wow! ! ! if i saw that thing in real life i'd probably cry i'm not sure if it would be in fear or utter amazement though,

either way this is really awesome Bro.
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It remembers me Metroid, that creature of the game. Both are great, the game and this artwork.
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Oh shit! Ulyaoth?!
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wow! the colors are great. the stars are one of my favorite things
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This is so beautiful! I love the way you've done the light :O And the little back story is awesome
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I would be so happy to see that thing in real life
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Jellyfish god for the win!
This is an fantastic concept! Great work! Very nice colours.
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