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Iggwilv summons Grazz't

Dungeon Issue 359

"This full-page opener shows Iggwilv holding the Demonomicon in one hand as she summons up Graz'zt to imprison him. Graz'zt should look angry as he manifests from smoke rising out of a magic red-glowing summoning circle in the floor, his arms raised above his head and his head thrown back in a primal scream of anger and frustration, but Iggwilv looks supremely confident that she's got him trapped, and should look smug, unworried, and regal as she conjures him. She's floating in the air."
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Iggwilv is my favorite D&D character and LOVE this painting. Thank you!

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I would think this was badass, but I can't help but chuckle knowing who these people are and what's probably about to happen.
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You can truly feel his pain.
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Easily one of my favorite illustrations in Dragon. I love Iggwilv's left hand and the energy around it.
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I love your rendition of Graz'zt!!
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Awsome and beautiful!
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This is really awesome. I really like the spell detailing in her hand with the red lines.
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I love Greyhawk and this image is fabolous. I love the demonic faces on Graz'zt's plate armor.
Could you make a drawing of Iuz (in his demonic form) and Zuggtmoy in pose like this one? [link]
Here are good pictures of Zuggtmoy:

And here is Iuz:

Also Iuz in his old man form:
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Graz'zt erts s 'yiuyo karabha dj'êva....
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Does anyone else here think that Graz'zt should be on a death-metal album cover? Anyone?
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Freakin' outstanding gorgeous awesome. :D
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Duuuuuudeee... !!!

is he gatts from berserk japanese comic ????
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wonderful work:) do you by chance have an accunt on ArtUproar
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No...someone notify me too about it, he took some other ppl's work and put it up as well, kinda funny, always wonder what they get outta that hehe
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AWesome pic! I like the way you did her cape! :D
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The art of D&D it's really on safe hands!
I can stand in peace... hhehehe.
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Awesomesss!!! :wow:

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Awesome awesome picture, but I first thought she was kneeing the back of his neck or something. Finally. Some love for Graz'zt.
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