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He long his wife he once had, his daughter's suicide will never be forgotten like the tattoo he has for her to remind of his failed role as a father. Homer, no longer the happy fool whom he use to be, now wanders alone in seeking the only light left in his life, his wanders in search for his missing son and 2nd daughter...

*ppl actaully sent note regarding the story and maggie,etc so I thought I'd elaborate a bit more, and keep in mind it's just random bs that came up while drawing him"


In my head I just suddenly pictured this really lonely matured Homer, who lost everything he had in his life because he never learned from his mistakes, and I guess in my imaginery world, after marge died from a drink and drive car accident after a party even which Homer drank too much) Homer changed from the fool that he is and became really depressed, failing even more to take care of his family, Liza, always smarter one, had to take on the responsibility of taking care of the family, and Homer's continue irresponsbility has pushed the weight that Liza had to carry beyond the limit, and led to her suicide. Bart and Maggie blame Homer for her and their mom's death and left Homer for good. ;D
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when he's not working