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Hell Greeter

There's in fact no real name to this creature, since no one really "lives" to tell of its existence. Some say the name "Inout" derived from it being twisted inside-out, and some say the name came from the creature's sexual-like features and appearance. The creature's head and tail are the same, both containing a big long mouth that splits the intestine like head in the middle. It's not meant to kill or attack since everything in hell is already dead. The subtle long mouth seems to carry a big evil smile as if it's mocking at the restless soul that's doom to the eternal hell.
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*flipping light switch wildly* WELCOME TO HELL!  WELCOME TO HELL!!
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Jesus fuck, that’s gnarly.
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I'm having some Neon Genesis Evangelion vibe here... OAO
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Looks like it has the same mouth as the white EVA's
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Must...not...sing....Cruel Angel's Thesis!
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"sexual-like features and appearance" so does that mean I can make porn of it?
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You can make porn of anything, mate.
"Welcome to Hell. Bathrooms are on the left, bedrooms are on the right, the rec room is past the pillars of fires and you're due for a therapist appoint minuet after you have settled in. You're room is A666. Any questions? No. Then have a nice eternity. Also, the marriage between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin will be taking place tomorrow at one 'o' clock." Typical Hell Greeter greeting.  
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This is the greatest intro greeting, ever....of all time.
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You're forgetting, this is hell.
Yes there are. They're very nice too.
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Ugh, are you serious?
I payed good money for the absence of bathrooms!
Nobody said you had to use them.
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Y-you don't get it..
What don't I get?
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It's hell.. You shouldn't be given any options..
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Oh gosh, that's creepy!
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Awesome Art!

The Arlyn Pillay Art Gallery is hosting a Halloween themed art show called the Ghoulish Gallery art show in Tustin, California. USA.

here's a link to the flyer for the art show if you are interested…

feel free to call the gallery if you have any questons (714) 884-8700 :-)

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