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Frontline Warbeast

It's been a while since I did a personal piece, and I decided to join this weekly's creature concept challenge over at It's a bit more detail then I usually put for my piece, but I like how it turned out.

Haven't thought of a detail description for the beast yet. The idea is that million of years ago when the world was near extinction, insect parasite attached to living animals for survival and as the day passes, both the insect and the creature needed each other for survival and the magic of evolution has fused the two together into one and caused the giant mutation of the creature resulting in the current form.
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looka awesome but totally chaotic :D
Very unique, very cool.
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Definitely an igneous concept looking forward to seeing more of your work! ;)
pwnsage's avatar
Nicely done.
Tivern's avatar
Damn, that beast is gonna crush everything! O_o
TimothyWilson's avatar
love that creature design.
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
Sweet piece. I love the design of this creature. Looks like the lovechild of Skyrim and Mass Effect. ;)
SoveriegnofTruth's avatar
More Magic the gathering in my op
zJoriz's avatar
Woah, impressive! The mere existence of such warbeast could make battles unnecessary...
igarashiaoi's avatar
So awesome !!
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Yes, YES! Oh YEEEEESSS! I Aproove, this is awesome, you are awesome, THIS IS THE GREATEST BEAST EVER, GIVE THIS ARTIST A MEDAL, I want this in my Zerg army! 
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Oooooh, that thing looks like it could cause some serious damage. Bet it's fun to ride tho.
jgarza511's avatar
This looks like something came out of James Cameron's avatar
Wow, what an amazing design! Terrifying and thought provoking 
Dergloom's avatar
Loved the detail on the beast!
It looks very realistic :)
GuillaumeStordeur's avatar
This is extremely cool! Very nice creature design!
Goastantie's avatar
Mind if I use this in my book? I might not use it directly, just for inspiration but it might appear somewhere. IDK  but I just thought it would fit in the world
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great.. I was impressed with this painting..
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Enjoying the combination of the beast/crab features.  Colour scheme is great too!
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