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Female Barbarian

Colored commission of the previous sketch :)
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I want her in me party…and for a party!)
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Cloud's buster sword became significantly heavier and broke his shoulder after he glanced at malkrow21's comment (j/k j/k..i'm biased) Gorgeous armor
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i agree with "malkrow21's" comment (see below)
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good job, kinda perverted
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I think the armor looks awesome on her! The spiked club looks awesome as well! It's like a baseball bat with huge blades in it :)
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id like to repeat how cool this is:)
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If you really think about it, her armor is still pretty impractical. Granted she may be wearing more than the usual, but how on earth is she supposed to move in that thing? To be honest, she really looks over encumbered, and I really don't get how's she's supposed to duck 'cause of that thing on her abs; it really looks like it would restrict movement.
As much as Red Sonja's armor is also quite impractical, I honestly believe she could kick her ass; she may be too unprotected, but at least she has agility and that's very crucial in a battle field; a warrior should never wear heaps amount of armor like this barbarian woman does, just enough to maintain agility and flexibility in combat.

Bottom line: Red Sonja should wear more armor and this female barbarian should wear less armor.

NOTE - This may or may not be highly hypocritical of me to say considering my collections of Sword Girls and Warriors in my favorites, especially that I actually added this artwork to my favorites.
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Hey. Our team here at VisionXtream really like your artwork. Would you like to join our game making team as a volunteer as have done all the other professional artists? Well if so please mail me and if you would like to see our teams list please go here --> [link]

Thank You for creating such good artwork.

Mendi Meyer
The VisionXtream Team
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Hey Dude. Good job. I really like it. I have a team here of about 4 that are making an Online 3D Game. We need a few more artists and you look pretty good. For more info if your interested please post something on my Deviantart page or email us at (its volunteer work at the moment so you won't get paid until game publishment.

The VisionXtream Team
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A fine mix of practical and beautiful :-)

She looks really dignified and strong. Fantastic work here.
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Awesome concept and carryout.
Quite interesting how her armor looks so heterogeneous. I'd say she collected each part from defeated opponents (yeah, she IS tough).

She just happens to be practically the female counterpart of a char my big brother made in "Dragon Age: Origins" (an amazing game).

I don't really care about any exposed parts or anatomy flaw, she is interesting and that's all. The scar is a golden touch (and is glowing like fire).
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good job!
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Others have already pointed out some non-protected area's on this female warrior's body, and some anatomy flaws.

I see them, yet I like the ferocity and fearlessness on this lady's face. She has this 'tough-as-nails' look about her which is really befitting for someone in her line of work.

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" Some non-protected area's on this female warrior's body..."

Gundam, and everyone who pointed this out, the problem isn't that she's not wearing enough armor, it's that she's wearing too much armor. Do you honestly think she's going to stand a better chance if she worn a little more? No, she'll just be slowerer.
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How tall is she? I'm curious.
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I'd say the armor is too advanced for a barbarian, then again she could have threatened some smart dude to bash his head in with that club of hers if he didn't create a armor for her.

Well done. :D
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Looks awesome. But, this Scar is unreal
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wow very hard core. especially the club. never thought of that!
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nice one buddy
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Her legs seem a little to large, even for such an stylized character… Nice work anyway…
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