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Feeds on Sound

By nJoo
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Concept: Tiptoe

The creature lives in the deadland where food,etc are almost non-existent, the creature's body structure has evoled to the most simple and basic form, it's very light and fragile, only keeping what is needed for survival.

The food source of the creature is the most unique of all, it feeds on sound. Via the ultra thin webbing between the circular shape holes, it absorb sound waves and the energy is process in its special organs, filtering out the good sound waves. The sound nutrients is then store at the pouch-like organ at the back of the head,etc and the different wave nutrient results in the bright multi-colored skin. Due to its fragile body and bright colors, it becomes easy prey for predators, there fore while it feeds on sound, it is often in hiding and very very quiet, giving it the name Tiptoe.

At the center of the creature is its most vital organ, it is protected by the structure of the torso and legs. This is also where the creature's offspring inhabits until it is ready to be born.
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you could probably kill it with a sewing needle LOL.
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This makes no sense. Sound would not provide it the nutrients or the energy a living creature would need to survive. Simply turning kinetic energy from the sound wave into energy it can use would use more energy than the sound wave could provide. Even if it didn't it would so much energy when it changed it from kinetic to potential energy that it would gain almost nothing. I'm only bringing this up because you put so much thought into this creature, also I love your art and this is going into my favorites.
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Reminds me of the Eldrazi spawns.
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Very neat! It really looks like it could be a real organism, though to me it looks like it would live underwater.
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such amazing one !!
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Would it make a good pet?
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The most original I've yet to see. Congrats!
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I want one, I could have long-winded rants FOR A PURPOSE!!!
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So, what would happen if someone decided to scream on a megaphone?
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This is so cool :D You should write a whole book about something like this. Or about people who go to like a planet and they discover all these weird and dangerous creatures :D Like Avatar almost but.. more interesting.
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I'm making a roleplay almost exactly like what you described and I'm going to use some of this guy's creatures and more.
Note: A ROLEPLAY. Not a book. Not making money. Just for entertainment.
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wow this is very interesting, your creativity is to be commended!
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you sir, need to write a book about this thing
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Now that's an interestind idea for a beast.
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Amazing design, very colorful. Scary
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Amazing design, very colorful. Scary
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Love how it feeds off of sound and it looks like one of those aliens off of War of the Worlds but mini size!
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i would have thought that if it feed on sound waves and filtered them out, then it would make noise.....but awesome concept.
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Talk about truly interesting, I love it.
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This looks like something that should have been in Stephen King's "The Mist"
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This is one of the most unique descriptions I've ever heard. Nicely done!
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