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Dragon and Ipod

Another piece for Dragon 355

This piece is a rip off the Ipod silhouette ad campaign~
Someone that read the article clue me in what's this pic about hehe
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This Is Now My iPad Wallpaper. Thanks!!!!!
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this is Epic Win!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dude, you should totally write iFlame on it XD
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so going as my wallpaper.
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:star: You've been featured! [link] :star:
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*snicker snort* *wipes eyes from laughter* Definitely going into my favorites!
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awesome this made me laugh, ask Apple what they think!
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I loves this! Haha, cute! <3
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Hehe lol =D

I luffs it!
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This is awesome, dragons love to jam on ipods too! Haha!
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I found this pic at another deviant's gallery who claims it to be his/her work. Thought you might want to know that.


Seeing as yours is poster earlier it must be yours. You have my respect with your talent.
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thanks a lot~ i reported it!
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lol I wonder what he's listening to
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Used it as the background for my Ipod touch :)
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