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Another char design for Pathfinder Issue #7

"This guy is a tall man with close-cropped black hair, a sly smile, and bright blue eyes. He wears black leather armor with a steel spider-shaped baldric, and a thick chain crisscrossing his chest linked in the shape of a spider’s web. Several fat black spiders crawl over his body and he wears a wrist- mounted pair of jagged blades (punching blades) that arch over his fist and drip with poison."
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Worshipper of Lolth?
EliBurrySchnepp's avatar
No, he uses an Ettercap ally to trick people into thinking he can control spiders
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Spider backup ;) neat, the ornaments are great.
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I use this picture as a reference picture for a Dungeon's and Dragon's campaign I host. :3
Slight modifications: His weapons arc with electricity. There are no spiders on him. His name is Andre Nelbm.
Thank you very much for this work of art. It inspires my creativity.
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Your work, with the animals etc, looks like something that would be in GuildWars' artwork books in the Collectors Ed.

Sure you ain't work for 'em?
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Wow,nice,very cool XD
I like everything except for the feet, I just think they're a bit short. But still awesome overall!
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great design awsome wepons
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He's just... got spiders chillin' on his body? Like all the time?
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awesome jbo on this! looks great 8D
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oh wow, that is one dark guy... very moody looking, wonderful work!!!
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Such a gorgeous design, awesome outfit! I loved trying to count the spiders, and then finding new spiders on different spots! He's even got a spider-belt!! XD Really nice chains too, by the way :D
hammerjon's avatar
This guy looks so much like a resident evil character. I like It
AngelX-Studios's avatar
hey look guys.... its....spiderman, spiderman, friendly neighborhood spider....*shink* (throwt is slit)
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steet stuff, dude!
Love the shoulder padding! Also nicely painted as always!
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maybe the armor and leather isnt original, but i absolutely love the poisonous punching blades. i
say his feet are several sizes too small and his arms needs more curve at the elbow, as arm muscles don't become flat lines when the arms straighten out like that.

great painting job, as usual! :)
Monolithium's avatar
he is cuwl, but i dont think hes very special...
thesadpencil's avatar
sweet concept i really like the spiders and all the chains on his torso.
kika1983's avatar
very good face!
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I like this guy but his stance seems a little awkward. Especially at the shoulders, where the muscle doesn't look entirely natural. At least to me. I still think the character is really cool, though he doesn't look entirely dark, as in, his hair is sort of bright and his face doesn't tell me he is deadly. I guess that's the best kind of killer. :)
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awesome work character design is amazing
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