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Demon Lord Eltab

For Dragon Issue 355

"Demon lord Eltab, snarling and looking fierce. Eltab is a hulking, muscular humanoid creature with the head of a muzzled beast. His body is covered with bony, dark red plates and sprouts dozens or horns and antlers. His eyes are narrow and yellow with glowing red irises."
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love it.

what exactly is he the demon lord of?
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Hi , i'm making a really good fantasy trading card game competitive online , i wish that i can use some of your beautifull illustrations , for my game . i will use your name in every card description . I'll attempt your response ASAP .
Very nice work! Congratulations
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What is he lord of? Spite? Malice?
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Love love love LOVE!
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Very awesome *-*
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Beautiful. Very well crafted, very menacing. With a darker bg, he would pop out even better.
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Nice one! Love the color work on this!
Outstanding work man
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That is why i like demons Fav :D
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Awsome monster I like it and I add it to my favorites
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This demon is cool. Great work, man!
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Incridible super-demon!
Loved it, Fav'd it!
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I liked this guy enough to bring him in my prototypal campaign world!
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Awesome. Is his design based on a Minotaur?
looks like a cross between the devil and the hulk if u ask me-pretty awesome
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do you mind if i use this picture to do a little thing at home?
this is just to good not do it.
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Not to sound like a kiss ass or anything, but I'm sure you've seen or heard jokes about people's inner demon's being mean little f*ckers, haven't you? For awhile, I had nightmares, and saw something very similar to this. Probably my inner demon. Getting to the point, great job!
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Looks like a creature that would be featured in either DOOM, 40K or Diablo :thumbsup:
this is too awesome mate :clap: fantastic
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