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Cover and Interior piece for Dungeon Magazine 148~

Went for a slight more detail and moody approach this time~
"Charon, the boatsman on the river Styx. The black water moves slowly as he stands in a creepy boat, one hand holding the pole he uses to propel the boat though the river in one withered hand. A creepy lantern hangs from the top of the pole. A dead body wrapped in funeral shroud but with the face revealed. Two gold coins sit on the dead body's eyes."

*Click* here for a version with text,etc, they kinda tweaked the color a little bit~
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This is amazing work. However... I would not want to be on that boat!
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Spooky and creative! This is a true depiction of Charon!+fav 
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when he is garbed that way he looks like a really tall jawa
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lantern light effect is amazing..
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Cool, kinda dark, I love it
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He looks really cool.
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If you didn't know, a band by the name of Unto Acheron is apparently using this for their EP called Invocation. They say that it was made by "a very good friend" of theirs. Stolen?

Their Facebook page: [link]
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Beautiful art, I am in awe.
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Somebody's usig your pic here: [link]
I was just wondering why it's gone from my faves and recognised it's not you!
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Epic lighting! :D awesome job! :D
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awesome Job! this is what i see in my head but it doesn't quite translate onto paper haha. well done!
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Very awesome and creepy looks like it belongs on the cover of a disturbed album
Really good !
Also you see you know the mythological background a bit, because of the details. Such as the coins. :-)

Nice work.
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Suprimely done ^^!
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woah, the detail in this is stunning! I love the colours too.
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Fantastic image
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It's amzing! Creepy yet beautiful.
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Creepy! Perfect!
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this is really beautiful...
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Isn't this the same guy that summoned the flame demon in one of your pictures???
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