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Chain Spirit rev.

*edit* some ppl mention the torso being twisted in a strange flat way so I did some revision to him, can't believe I didn't really notice it before, anyways it should be a bit more natural now ;P

Illo for Pathfinder 11 :)

"This is a ghostly figure bound in spectral chains. His body is wrapped in chains. His form dissipates into evil looking vapors below the waist. He looks angry and powerful, as if he's the master of the chains, not bound by them"

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Yeeeaaah its the sickest.
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When I saw this I immediately thought it might be called a Bound Soul. Great drawing dude :) 
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So cool! Really amazing work :)
awesome masterpiece!!!...
Shadowlarkmoon's avatar
reminds me of my character
Totally cool image. Makes me think of Globulus (spellcheck??), the main baddy from GI Joe the animated movie...heehee
lozowire's avatar
OMG!!!...wht an art
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great job man ........i love the spirits its a great teme to draw
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kinda reminds me of the spirits ritualists summon in guild wars ^^

anyways, it's real awesome ;)
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-Bows to the greatness that is this!-
Realy cool piece! Love the concept.
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very badass, def my fav in your portfolio
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A really good design.
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Looks to awesome. I must fav it...:) Can't help it...
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your characters are amazing
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Oh he is so awesome...I love the smoke effect!
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holy shit thats crazy badass
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Awesome awesome awesome! Great work. :heart:
Those chains look heavy. o,o
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Wonderful work, I would freak out if I ever saw something like that...Don't take this the wrong way but a Background would be cool with this Heh...
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