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April 19, 2009
Bikakuma by *nJoo - most crazy rendition of Akuma. Ever.
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Biker Akuma~ Akuma's the bad-est badass out there...enuff said :D This is a piece I did for the Udon Art of Street Fighter Art book~

And for a bit of shameless self promotion, the limited print of this will go on sale at Udon's booth at SDCC 2008! If you happen to be there, keep an eye out for it!


Rock-off #3 Weekly Contest
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Just came for my daily dose. 
Ayce78's avatar
LOL This is really cool!
chiseltown's avatar
Hi! Just letting you know that I'm sharing your work on my page! :)…
Really cool! Congratulations on the DD!
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rbl3d's avatar
Flat necklace?
impressive. Fits his personality.
Montteiro's avatar
Nice Style! Heheh.
MoonlightArchitect's avatar
Steroids98's avatar
The concept in this and the
other one with him on the beach...
Ahh... Just opened the ideas of
sooo many possibilities.

Compositions just pop into my
head when I see stuff like this :D

It's guys like you that keep me
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This is pretty Boss! I like the little capcom tag on his jacket
ShabaazKhan's avatar
Awesome bro, duno wat else to say, this is epicness
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I did a manipulation of this image without your permission. It's here . If you want I can remove it. I hope I didn't offend you. I couldn't ask for permission as I didn't know you were here at DA!!
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Gonna get my motorbike helmet immediately, cause I'm going on a ride, even if I get killed in the attempt, will be worth it!
kbikhib's avatar
Writer4Commissions's avatar
That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!
namesareforpeople's avatar
He reminds me of Francis from L4D, great work!
"I hate throws"
Ask-Spirit-Marth's avatar
Haha! That's a funny idea! XD
Coca-Cola-Gamer's avatar
LOL That's awesome!
shinkatana's avatar
Gangstar Style!!! Realy Good!!
Man!... I love it with a you paint!!!
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