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Another character/creature drawing~
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Interesting armor design.
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lord of the first?
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so...okay...but i browse a little bit after your reply...and, this one is ..huge...absolutely great..not to say about the guess your readdy to sumit for a shirt or something. Kids will love it..
And wht wouls it be like if a back ground ( not to dark) Would it d make a perfect cartoon..for sure.
I know its laot of work but once it in a cumputer and make those stories man..
Never know..could bring fortune..loll..anyway..c ya..
Like , im trying to find a way to join people to make a magazine done. and to put the best in stand by with this. We never know..its just a sketch of my idea...but, if its comming about. U d be in it for sure..c ya.
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I'm so confuse what it is you're asking haha @_@
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Hey..i cant remember to wht we are making allusion of but, ive checked out your work and it s pretty damn amazing.
Youre a hard worker as i can see..
But, i m pretty sure you did sell your work alreddy huh??
And, if all of wht you did can be put as a cartoon would have sell a few copies for sure..If its your intention well..It s gonna be
a good choice..we never know..All i can say its '' keep on trucking'' R. crumb*
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Awesome devil! Superb work. Top-notch detail !
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Belo trabalho!!!
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Gotta be impressed by a Pit Fiend In platemail. Nice dood. Very very nice.
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Is that supposed to be Bel, the First Arch Devil? The fact that he is a pitfiend and names BELtorius made me think?
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nice pit fiend
Looks like something out of Warcraft x_x
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Cool creature! Looks tough... O_O

:heart: :heart: :heart:
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It looks very similar to one of the Devil races in Dungeons and Dragons, only way better drawn and it actually is wearing something. =D
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Looks like he could take a punch or two to the jaw.
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Teach me your ways o master!!! PLEASE!!!!! Any tutorials from you is always welcome! :D
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Love it ! the armor and the character in general is so amazing! and it's so original in it's looks (= just awsome work, as always !
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Wow! Is that a Pit Fiend?
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Rawr! *tackles the big scary guy* Do you kill people with that? do ya do ya?
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