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75 Tons



This was done for's Creature of the Week's activity, this one's topic is 75 Tons~

The core of the beast is a jelly like material that sucks the life out of any living things. and as his excretion comes from thousands of tiny pores that hardens like rock shape substances, that protects him from any of nature's threat. However the creature has a strange characteristic of reproduction. As it's size and the weight of his outer shell increases, it's body can longer sustain the maximum heavy weight, which so happens to be approximately 75 tonnes. At that time, chunks of the outer shell will then crack and drop from its body, tearing along tiny pieces of flesh with it. The new born flesh then continue the growth process all over again until it has reach the maximum weight and size. As the beast grows older, more of its shell will shed and less will be produced, exposing its vulnerable body and which will eventually die.
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Those birds are getting a free Ride ^^