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God of War

By njay
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What If, the game ends on the first, and he'd still be a god of war. he could've live until today and play GOW3 on ps3 XD

The graffities were taken from a free textures source
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Do you think he'd be disgusted by how humans would get in the future? Also very nice art work. :) 
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Bambou-137Hobbyist Writer
HAHAHAHA it reminds me the Disney "Hercules" movie XD.
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I really love this. <3
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Cat ; Dang it.
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them ones where you find the animal in the gym 
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I can picture that on a Percy Jackson book, it'll be fun to have him as a coach
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Pffffffffffffffttt! LOL! Kickass Kratos with a kitten as Camp Halfblood Coatch! Perhaps, a slightly out-of-character portrayal where he puts on a ruse that he still has anger issues, but in reality did pass anger management with excellence and now dotes on a little kitten behind his tsundere facade... But still has some aggression left if needs be.
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beefaporkachickenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, this is funny, and I like his lunch bag!Clap 
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Man you just made my day a lot happyer,s the most funny pick of my day and i couldnt believe what i saw.
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RichiewolfStudent Traditional Artist
Oh my god that's funny!
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Love this! We're having a God of War design contest with a ton of awesome prizes if you're interested in entering. We'd love to have some of your art in the contest!  The contest can be found at -community.welovefine.com/m/con…

Best of luck if you decide to enter! But even if you don't, keep up the great work!
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i thought this was Dwayne Johnson
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Or Vin Diesel
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demon1582Student Photographer
ya know I was hoping God OF War movie has The Rock for Kratos :( sadly just a wish 
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i see he went to omega burger
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You think after centuries of human civilization would have given Kratos some kind of human decency that he had already took his revenge and not kill some one every five seconds. But no, he still mopes about losing his family and expressing his rage to whoever was unlucky enough to meet him. 
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Attempting to ask for autograph may involve limbs being hacked off.
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love it nd very beautiful
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Nafyo-ToonsHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome :XD:
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endneoStudent Traditional Artist
Love this idea!
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SonicBlueBlur94Student Digital Artist
Kratos: I'm on vacation... YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? :angry
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this is awesome, even though its 3 years old.
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Ghostpampo1997Student Digital Artist
Indeed He Does
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paradocks1Student Artist
Why did he paint his cat.
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