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I've been tinkering around with DAZ3D for the past few months and realized that I
    a. producted some decent images and
    b. already have a fair amount of resources in my toolset.

So I thought: Maybe someone would like to make use of that by commission a render from me?

First off some base rules:
    1. This is a hobby for me. I will try to be as fast as possible, but my main job allows me only so much time to actually work on a render.
    2. I'm using paypal only. I request 50% payment up front and the rest upon completion.
    3. Resources for rendering are limited. I know I said I have a fair amount, but there's just so much out there that I can't possibly cover all bases.
    4. Contact me via note and only do so if you're serious. If it seems like I take long to answer remember point 1.

And here's the prize list. Keep in mind that the prizes are in Euro:

Prize per character: 5€
3 simple Characters in a picture: 10€
Background via Photoshop image: 3€
Background as 3D Environment: 5-10€*
Extra for nudity: 5-15€*
Extra for high resolution: 5-10€*

* Price is determined by render time.

These are introductory prizes and can be subject to change.


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Michelle's Meteor Memento Part 2

By njae

Special thanks to Lfan, Woodclaw and goobers

The morning sun had been shining into the apartment room for hours before its sole inhabitant finally decided to wake up. Michelle Jenkins had never been a deep sleeper and would normally wake up at the smallest hint of sunlight that entered her room. Taking a look at the time, the young woman saw that it was already 11 o’clock. Even on a Saturday, she rarely slept longer than 8 o’clock. Michelle was surprised how refreshed she felt and wondered how long she had been asleep. Looking back at it now, Michelle sure had paid no attention to the time. She had been preparing for bed around 10 p.m. when something unexpected happened. “Unexpected,” Michelle giggled, “that doesn’t even begin to describe it.” In fact, the young woman had accidentally swallowed a certain liquid that had caused her to transform from a plain woman into a super powered goddess. Michelle looked sideways seeing the reason for that fantastic turn of events: A strange plant that was sitting on her nightstand. It possessed strange buds that contained the very liquid that had transformed her. Another dose of that liquid would surely transform her again, Michelle thought. The idea was tempting, but the young woman knew that she possessed no clothes fitting for her amazing alter ego. “Damn,” she thought, “I should have taken measurements when I had the chance. Now I’ll have to guess what size I need.”

Michelle finally stood up and started to dress herself. Soon she was reminded of the final discovery she had made before going to bed. Even though she had returned to normal, there were still some slight differences to how she was before her initial transformation. The plain brunette could have sworn that her hair looked healthier and that she had lost some pounds. Now her clothes confirmed the latter as they fit a bit more loosely than she was used to. Michelle was alright with that since she didn’t want to buy new clothes for her mortal form too. Now fully dressed Michelle entered her kitchen to prepare breakfast. She wasn’t actually hungry, but habit and appetite didn’t allow her to leave the apartment on an empty stomach.  She wondered whether it would suffice to guess her new measurements. After all, she could still drink a tiny amount of the liquid so that the young woman would turn return to her amazon form long enough to take her measurements. She dismissed the idea again. Not only didn’t she know how exactly the amount of liquid related to the time spent in goddess mode, Michelle also feared that she wouldn’t want to transform back to normal just to buy some clothes.  She concluded that she had to buy clothes based on her guess and if she was wrong, the young woman could still return the clothes and change them for others. Michelle was so consumed in her thoughts that she didn’t realize how she ate at least twice as much as she would normally.


James Thompson hated his job right now. One might say being a scientist working on the very meteor responsible for the recent evacuation of the entire city would be an interesting project. The problem was that James had actually nothing to do with the meteor. His superiors had used both his youth and his fitness as an excuse to shove him away. Now he was stuck with field work. While the meteor was locked away in an underground laboratory James was forced to look at whatever the police considered meteor-related. This varied from missing pets to people that claimed they were infected by an alien killer virus that turned out to be the flu. Nothing had any real connection to the meteor which meant that James was wasting his time. The police also realized that and started to milk his support for all it was worth. He was called to some actual crime scenes – under the premise of being meteor-related - and handed him evidence needed for DNA-tests. The look on his colleagues’ faces whenever he forced them “to do the CSI thing” was practically the only thing that kept him motivated. This time he was called to a mountain range outside the city. The endless drive had soon sucked up what little motivation he had left, but when he arrived at the site, only two officers were waiting for him.

When James left his car, he could already hear them talking. “This is the scientist? I expected someone smaller.” Whoever first said that “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body” had never been to high school where both were mutually exclusive. While high school could be hell for geeks, James was now facing the other side of the medal. He looked too much like an athlete to be taken seriously as a scientist at first glance by others.  Most of their colleagues had learned that James was knowledgeable enough for his profession and soon changed their attitude towards him. The reason why these two had not worked with him over the last three month was most likely because the ‘crime scene’ was somewhere in the wilderness.

The older one of the policemen greeted him. “Hi, I’m Officer Neil Brown and this is my partner Isaac Smith.” James introduced himself and waited for Officer Brown to continue. “We called you here because some strange things seem to have happened here in the last 24 hours.” James looked around, seeing only rocks and boulders lying around. “I use this path for my morning run every day. So I know this place like the back of my hand, and I know when something is off.” Officer Brown walked towards a nearby boulder and gestured James to follow. Officer Smith didn’t seem too interested as he waited by their car, yawning when he thought nobody was looking. The older policeman continued his story while the two men walked to that boulder. “Whenever I come here I take a break and lean on this boulder. Sitting down isn’t good when you’re jogging and this boulder is just the right size for me. I think a smart guy like you can tell me why I didn’t so this morning, right?” For a second, James felt offended thinking that the middle aged officer was mocking him. The boulder was covered in dirt and the officer had obviously not wanted to sully his clothes with it. But something was strange about the amount of dirt on this boulder. James looked around and found a hole a few feet next to the boulder and found the reason why it was covered in dirt.

“That boulder used to lie here,“ James said, pointing at the hole, “and someone had turned it around and left it here.”

Officer Brown smiled, “Yes, that’s what I think too, but there’s a tiny problem with that. That thing’s too heavy to be lifted without fitting equipment, so I checked for traces of that. Unfortunately I didn’t find any trace…”

“The ground is hard here,” James interrupted. “It hasn’t rained for some time so it’s not that surprising that the equipment didn’t leave any trace on the ground."

Officer Brown chuckled, as if to tell that he had thought about this possibility too. He bent down and pointed his finger before him. James’ eyes followed his lead to stop at a trail that was left behind, just not by some equipment.

“Tell me Mister Thompson. With a solid and dry ground like this, how much does a human need to weigh in order to leave such a deep footprint?”

James couldn’t believe it. There were human footprints, about two centimeters deep into the hard ground. He stomped with his right foot onto the ground as hard as he could, but didn’t even leave an imprint of his shoes sole on it. One would have to weigh at least a ton to make such a deep footprint.

“Are there more footsteps like this?”

Officer Brown shook his head, “The only ones are right here next to the boulder. If it didn’t sound so stupid, I’d say the person who left these footprints did so because she was carrying the boulder at that time.”

It indeed sounded stupid, but James had to consider that possibility. No human could lift such a boulder but no human could leave such a footprint either. “Is there anything else that you saw during your morning run?”

The older policeman just walked towards a small crater that had totally escaped James’ attention. “Don’t tell me that this is also new!” The policeman turned to look where his partner was standing. “I didn’t tell this to Isaac since I can barely believe it myself. But whoever caused this crater…,” he opened his jacked and took out an evidence bag that contained some pink rags “… left her pajama pants here.”


After her breakfast Michelle did not waste any time and drove to the mall to get some new clothes. Since it was Saturday, the mall was filled with people and the young woman wasn’t able to get to her favorite shop as fast as she wanted. Eventually she made it and started to look for clothes that she “would give to a friend.” There was a black dress that might fit her enhanced form, but Michelle didn’t dare to buy it without knowing for sure. Guessing her own measurements proved harder than she expected and in the end she settled for a pair of jeans and a –hopefully – formfitting T-shirt as well as a pair of sweats with an oversized T-shirt as an alternative outfit. It was clear that she would have to return in her enhanced form next time and actually try the clothes on beforehand. The young woman was happy that she didn’t need to buy new underwear as her panties had survived her initial transformation and a bra would be wasted on those gravity defying spheres of flesh she sported in her enhanced form. Michelle went to the cash desk to pay as she spotted a rack full of cheap flip-flops. “Damn” she thought, she had almost forgotten that her feet would grow like the rest of her body and grabbed a pair of flip-flops. Most other kinds of shoes wouldn’t be so forgiving when it came to guessing the wrong size, after all. The young woman returned to her car as fast as she could, her heart beating faster and faster in anticipation of returning to her godlike form that could fill the clothes she had just bought. 


James still couldn’t believe what he had seen in the mountains. Even after the officers Brown and Smith had left, he had searched the whole area for another sign of … whatever had happened there. He had actually been lucky as he found a scar on the ground but that didn’t tell him anything new. It could have easily been made using a shovel, but James was convinced that it was connected to the moved boulder or the crater. The real problem would be finding a scientific explanation for all of this.. He remembered Officer Brown’s theory about the footprints being made by the person who had carried the boulder and tried to dismiss it. Unfortunately the idea of a super strong human being explained almost everything he had seen there except the fact that super strength belonged into comic books and action movies, not in the real world. He looked at the ragged pajama pants he had been given and hoped that they contained usable DNA-samples. James started to smile, for the first time in three month he was excited about his job.


Michelle all but ran up the stairs leading to her apartment, barely able to hide her growing anticipation during the drive back home. Once inside, she threw the bags containing the new-bought clothes into a corner and walked right up to the plant on her nightstand. The buds on this plant contained the liquid that would cause her transformation into … Michelle’s thought came to a halt. Shouldn’t she think about a name for her super powered alter ego? No, that could wait until later. What’s important now, was that she was back home and had nothing more to do than drink that liquid. Everything else would be decided afterwards. The glass she had used last night was still standing next to the plant, so she took it and held it under one of the buds. Carefully the near-sighted woman touched that bud and was delighted as she saw a greenish liquid start to drip out of that bud and into her glass. After a few seconds the glass was half-full and the bud stopped to emit the liquid having shrunk down noticeably in the process. Michelle held the glass on eye-level and looked at it, amazed about the fact that this liquid would transform her into a living goddess, easily capable of feats she hadn’t even dreamed of 24 hours ago. She was tempted to drink it right away but she preferred not to rip her clothes apart as she did with her pajamas last night. The young woman sighed, put the glass down, and started to undress herself. She was a bit surprised by her own impatience. Ever since she had woken up, she had longed to return to being the goddess she had been last night, and everything that had prolonged that wait had been an annoyance. A part of her felt anxious about that, wondering whether her initial transformation had been so intoxicating that she was already addicted to it.

Having stripped down to her underwear, Michelle was about to unhook her bra when she was surprised by the sound of her doorbell. “Oh come on,” she thought. “Why am I interrupted just when the good part starts?” The barely clothed woman considered ignoring whoever it was that stood before her apartment door, but then decided to at least take a look. She sneaked towards the door and looked through the spyhole. On the other side was Amanda Steward, Michelle’s best friend since high school. From the look in Amanda’s eyes, Michelle could see that something was wrong. She knew when her best friend faked a smile, and she also knew that Amanda rarely dropped by unannounced. Michelle opened the door just enough to let her head be seen – just in case Amanda wasn’t alone – and greeted her friend.

“Hi, you free?” the faked smile in Amanda’s face was already fading, showing that she practically pleaded for Michelle to answer “Sure, come in!” She opened the door further to let her friend enter, before adding, “Sit down in the living room while I finish changing my clothes.” Amanda was obviously surprised by the fact that Michelle was only dressed in her underwear right now, but didn’t ask why. Michelle went back to her room and quickly put on the blouse and the pair of jeans she had taken off mere moments ago. Once finished, she joined her best friend in the living room. “Want something to drink?” she tried to take the initiative. “A coffee would be fine.”

Once Michelle had finished preparing two cups of coffee, she sat down on her armchair facing Amanda who was sitting on her usual spot on the couch. Michelle hoped that her friend would tell her what was bugging her but instead she found that Amanda was watching her with a puzzled look.

“Something on my face?” Michelle asked and immediately regretted doing so.

“Your hair, it looks … different that the last time we met.”

Amanda’s answer reminded Michelle of the side effects, her first transformation had upon her looks. “I didn’t notice anything,” Michelle lied. “You must be imagining things”.

Amanda raised an eyebrow, showing that she was not convinced. The fact that the two women were best friends had enabled Michelle to see her friends’ trouble with a single glance. The very same fact made it next to impossible for them to lie to each other. Amanda didn’t let the topic slide now.

“I’m pretty sure you've noticed that your hair looks better than it did the day before yesterday.”

While speaking, Amanda’s voice had taken an annoyed tone and her jet black eyes had been locked onto Michelle’s brown ones. Michelle was alarmed by how easy her friend lost her patience now and decided answer with a single nod. She turned her head slightly, avoiding eye-contact as she added, “I didn’t want to brag about it.”

Amanda seemed to realize how uncomfortable her best friend felt. “Sorry I’m kind of short-tempered today, since…,” Amanda trailed off, her gaze now focused on the cup of coffee on the table in front of her.

“Don’t sweat it!” Michelle tried to reassure her friend, hoping she would finally reveal what was troubling her.

Amanda nodded, leaned forward to grab her cup and took a sip of coffee. “By the way, have you been working out?” Amanda asked, changing the topic again.

“No, I haven’t,” was Michelle’s immediate answer. Even in the short while that Amanda had seen Michelle’s body, she had already recognized the fact that Michelle had lost some weight. This time, Amanda seemed convinced by her answer – after all, it was the truth.

“That’s good to hear. I mean, we had promised to start going to the gym together and for a moment I thought you had abandoned me and started on your own. I don’t think I could handle another betrayal.”

Michelle watched as her best friends head sunk ever lower and her bleached blonde hair fell into view, covering Amanda’s eyes and hiding the tears that were forming in them. Through the words ‘abandoned’ and ‘betrayal’ Michelle had already a clear picture about what had driven Amanda to her unexpected visit. Still, if she wanted to comfort her friend Michelle needed to know instead of guessing, so she asked, “What happened?”

After a short moment of silence, Amanda finally answered. “Fred and I broke up.” Another moment of silence, Michelle knew that all she could do was to wait until Amanda continued on her own. She remembered that Fred and Amanda had been going out for six months.

“You remember how he stayed at his parent’s place for almost a month after the meteor crash?” Amanda continued.

“Yes,” was all Michelle whispered, she would have nodded if Amanda were facing her instead of looking to the ground.

“It seems like he met someone else while he was over there. Once he was back in town, he didn’t treat me like he did before, but I didn’t think too much of it.” Amanda was now visibly crying.  Not even the curtain of hair could hide the tears that ran down her face. “He even said that his parents were renovating their house and went there every weekend to help them. Of course, that was a lie.” She took out a handkerchief and wiped away her tears. “This morning I called him, but instead of him, another woman answered his cell. The poor girl was just as surprised as me, didn’t even switch off the phone while yelling at him for two-timing.” Amanda chuckled and lifted her head, to reveal that she had indeed stopped crying. “Now that I think about it, I don’t even miss him that much. It’s just that he lied to me and played me for a fool.  That gets me.” She brushed back her hair, her lips turning into a faint smile. “That guy betraying my trust just shows that he didn’t deserve it in the first place. Anyway, I’m back on the market!”

There was one thing Michelle had always envied about Amanda and that was her positive attitude. “Don’t tell me you’re already over him!” Michelle stated her disbelief. Any other woman would have mourned for weeks over the breakup but Amanda had worked through this in a matter of minutes. Michelle couldn’t accept that her friend recovered that fast.

“Come on, Michelle, all I need to do to get over it is a good friend that hears me out and doesn’t lie to me like that ex-boyfriend of mine. But if we keep this topic up, I may start to cry again, so … how the hell did your hair get so healthy looking?”

After all this rambling about trusting each other Michelle didn’t feel like lying to Amanda. If she wanted to transform frequently she would have to tell her eventually. The longer she waited, the more it would hurt Amanda to have been lied to all the time. Yes, telling Amanda was the right thing to do. Not only could Michelle trust her, she might also share the spoils with her.

She sighed before saying in a serious tone, “What I’m telling you now will stay a secret between us, ok?” Amanda looked confused, but nodded nonetheless. “Remember the strange plant that I’m growing in my room? This plant produces a certain liquid. I don’t know what it is, but my new hair is just an unimportant side effect of what that stuff can really do! I accidentally drank that stuff and turned into some kind of goddess…”

Michelle stopped as she saw Amanda shaking her head.


Amanda looked at her with a strange expression that looked like a mix of concern and how a mother must look when she tells her child the truth about Santa Clause.

“Do you really think that a strange liquid from a plant turned you into a goddess? Sounds more like a hallucinogenic drug to me.”

Michelle hadn’t expected this kind of reaction. When she thought about it, the events of last night had been far too unreal for anyone to believe this story. One had to see it in order to believe it.

“If you don’t believe me, I just have to show you! I’ll be right back.”

With that, Michelle rose from her chair and walked towards her bedroom. After a short while she returned, now dressed only in bra and panties. Amanda was puzzled by the sight of it, especially since she remembered how Michelle had greeted her just like that. The half-naked woman presented now a strand of hair.

“This is my original hair,” she exclaimed “when I drank this…” she presented a glass containing a greenish liquid, “it fell out and was replaced by new hair, while my whole body improved beyond what you have seen so far.”

Amanda didn’t know how to react; Michelle’s story sounded like a drug trip, but the hair she held in her hand indeed looked like how her hair used to look the last time they met. Maybe that stuff is really responsible for her improvements was the conclusion Amanda came to, but she was still pretty sure her friend was fantasizing. Michelle put the strand of hair onto the table, followed by her glasses. “Now sit back and watch the show!” was all she said before putting the glass to her mouth and gulping down its contents.

The moment it entered her mouth Michelle could already feel the amazing effects the liquid had on her. It tasted better than anything she’d ever had and wondered for the fraction of a second, that this may be a different liquid than the one that had transformed her before. But then she noticed the familiar feeling of super energy in her tongue and knew that her sense of taste had been amplified. Michelle immediately understood that this transformation would be different than last time as her body was already capable of handling the super energy provided by the liquid. She felt how the energy seeped into her brain, preparing it for the incredible amount of information her heightened senses would provide it with. What had been the worst headache of her life during her first transformation, felt so good and natural now, it was unreal. Since there were no outside changes yet, Michelle decided to show off her ascension as much as possible.

Michelle bent over and placed the glass back on the table. She then lifted her head and looked Amanda straight in the eyes.

Amanda returned the gaze, expecting to see the first signs of intoxication in her friends’ eyes. What she saw was quite different. Michelle’s eyes started to take on an azure hue that quickly replaced the brown Amanda had been accustomed to.

“Y-y-your eyes…” Amanda stammered, but Michelle just put her finger before her mouth.

“Shhhh, wait until it’s over, for now you just look.”

The transforming woman said this with a melodious voice that made Amanda immediately understand why she had used the term goddess before. Michelle was still bent over as Amanda saw that the strange transformation wasn’t limited to her hair, eyes or voice but was indeed spreading over her face that transformed into the most beautiful face Amanda had ever seen.

Michelle reveled in her friends’ astonished look knowing that this was just the tip of the iceberg. She felt the energy go through her scalp and into her hair. It was no surprise to her that her hair didn’t fall out like last time; still she hadn’t expected to actually feel the changes coursing through it.

Amanda’s eyes opened wide as she saw Michelle’s brown hair, hair that had already improved since the last time they had met, turning into a golden blonde mane that would have gone to her butt but instead was coming closer to the table in front of her – thanks to Michelle still bending over towards Amanda. Michelle finally straightened back up, throwing her hair backwards in the very same movement as if to prove that it indeed reached to her butt. Amanda could already feel her jealousy flame up as she realized how plain her own bleached hair looked compared to what her best friend sported now. She didn’t even want to try to compare their faces now.

With the changes in and on her head completed, Michelle found another difference to her first transformation. Where yesterday each body part had transformed one after another, she could feel that the energy had already completely expanded inside her body and would cause all her further transformations at once.

Michelle’s arms reached behind her back and Amanda immediately understood what her friend intended. As her best friends bra became unhooked and fell to the ground, Amanda stared her with a dumbfounded look and only look and only one thought: “Don’t tell me they are going to grow?” Michelle lifted her arms over her head, making her A-cup rise a bit higher.

“Too bad it had to happen this way,” Michelle thought. She had intended to use her expanding breasts as the grand finale. Now it would be just one of many changes. She felt how the energy had reached a critical point as was about to unleash the transformation in every remaining part of her body at once.

Amanda could have sworn that some kind of wave had just washed over Michelle’s body as she suddenly started to grow. Amanda’s eyes were fixated on her best friend's breasts that were expanding at an alarming rate, and she took a few seconds to realize that these weren’t the only parts of her best friend's body that was growing. Michelle’s arms, legs, and torso were getting longer at the same time as her breasts expanded.

The energy inside her body were let loose and caused a cacophony of pleasant sensations that assaulted Michelle’s brain. A normal brain wouldn’t have been able to handle it and even in her current stage, Michelle struggled with the sheer ecstasy caused. It was like her whole body was massaged by a thousand experienced hands, each cell caressed to unlock its full potential.

Amanda’s eyes went up and down on her best friend's almost naked body, trying to see every change but not knowing where to look in what order. The spectator’s eyes were suddenly locked on her best friends’ tummy that now sported an incredible six pack, realizing that her muscles had grown as well.

The transforming woman subconsciously lifted onto her bare toes and noticed just in time that her flight powers had activated before leaving the ground. With little effort Michelle stopped her involuntary flight – she preferred to wait until Amanda would give it her full attention.

Amanda was still trying to discover every single change upon Michelle’s now 6’3” frame that she didn’t realize that the transformation was already over – or that she was staring at her best friend open-mouthed with an expression one would expect on a teenage girl locked in a room with her favorite boygroup.

Michelle watched in silence as a dumbfounded Amanda ogled her. Obviously the whole transformation was hard to swallow, so she waited until her friend had recovered from the initial shock. She wondered how long she should wait before she showed off the incredible powers that had come with that gorgeous body of hers. Her whole body was buzzing with power. The amount of energy inside her was at least twice as much as yesterday. Michelle wondered how much of the liquid she had drunk yesterday. It was highly likely that a big deal of her initial supply had been used up by her first transformation. Now her body was already able to handle the super energy and transformed in a more efficient way, effectively increasing the supply she had afterwards.</span>

After a few minutes Amber finally broke the silence.

“What in the hell just happened?”

“As I told you, I turned into some sort of super powered goddess.” Michelle answered matter-of-factly, still unaware how different her own voice sounded now.

Amanda shook her head either in disbelief or to prove to herself that she was not hallucinating. “You… sure look like one. “ Michelle found it sweet how Amanda avoided eye-contact while saying that.

“Wait a second, did you just say super powered?” Amanda looked at her with curious expectation.

Michelle started small, demonstrating her super strength by lifting the armchair she had been sitting on earlier into the air with no effort.

“Coooool,” Amanda said, eager to see more.

This reminded Michelle that the powers she could demonstrate were limited. “I can’t really show you much else,” she explained. “I’m invulnerable or at least really tough, I can see the very energy needed for these powers and I can run really fast but I have to watch my strength. And if I really use my strength…” she flexed her right arm as hard as she could. Amanda gasped as she saw the muscles on that arm grow to bodybuilder-size, before Michelle continued, “…then this happens. But my absolute favorite is this.”

Without further explanation, Michelle activated her flight powers. She felt herself becoming lighter and lifted herself onto her toes and then into the air. Amanda rose from the couch, watching the airborne woman intently.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she said while circling around her friend-turned-goddess. “How does it feel?”

Michelle was at a loss for words. “I can’t really describe it. It’s just out of this world, I feel like I could do anything I wanted.”

Amanda had stopped circling her friend and was now standing in front of Michelle again. “And this stuff comes from that strange plant you’re growing?” she asked.

Michelle nodded.

“I’d like to… I mean…” Amanda began to struggle as she did whenever she asked something embarrassing.

Michelle could already guess what Amanda wanted. After witnessing her transformation into an incredibly sexy amazon with powers that exceeded her wildest dreams, it was only natural to have this happen to herself as well. Michelle wondered if it had been too early to tell Amanda where the super potion came from. Then again, she had no qualms about sharing the wealth with her best friend.

Amanda took a deep breath before finally asking “M-may I touch you?”

This was not what Michelle had expected. Now it was her turn to look dumbfounded while her best friend – again – turned her head slightly away from her, unable to hide the fact that it turned deep red. She then remembered that she was practically naked and figured that this contributed to Amanda’s embarrassment.

“Um, sure.” Michelle didn’t really want to hinder her friends’ curiosity. “Help yourself!” She held out her arm in Amanda’s direction and gracefully landed back on the ground.

Amanda hesitantly reached out and touched Michelle’s right arm. A short while ago this arm had sported muscles big enough to fit a bodybuilder, but now it was just slim and toned. Amanda was surprised of the smoothness of the bronze skin she was touching. Having heard of her best friends’ invulnerability, she had expected something rougher. The bleached blonde tested out her luck by trying to squeeze Michelle’s relaxed biceps – only to find that right below the smooth skin the softness ended since her biceps was as hard as steel.

While Amanda tried to satisfy her curiosity, Michelle had made an interesting new discovery. The moment her best friend touched her arm, the gorgeous amazon felt a strange new sensation regarding her. It was as if her body asked her how to handle the person touching her. Michelle barely recognized the subconscious question before realizing that she had – just as subconsciously – answered that Amanda was her best friend. The super powered woman felt some kind of connection building up between herself and her friend. Somehow she knew that this connection would break once they didn’t touch each other anymore. When Amanda squeezed her biceps, she decided to test out what this connection was about and flexed her arm as hard as she could, returning it back to bodybuilder-size.

Amanda was obviously surprised as her hand was pressed outward by the expanding muscle tissue underneath Michelle’s arm. She felt how her friend’s arm became slightly warmer, but was totally unaware of the connection Michelle had established.

With her improved eyesight, Michelle was easily able to determine what this connection did. The super energy in her arm was converted into super strength as she flexed it. A small amount of this super strength wandered into Amanda’s hand that still gripped her with all her might which was now far beyond human capacities yet still just a fragment of what Michelle was capable of. Which a mere touch, Michelle had shared some of her super strength with her friend – and only her super strength. Michelle relaxed her arm and stopped the flow of super strength into Amanda’s body. It took only a few seconds for the remaining super strength inside Amanda to dissipate – obviously Amanda’s mortal body lacked the capability of storing this power or sensing it’s presence for that matter.

Amanda had mixed feelings over the whole situation. On the one hand, she was intimidated by her friends’ new powers, powers that could easily be used to bring death. On the other hand just now she felt more protected and secure than she had felt ever in her life.

Having decided to try another variant of her power sharing, Michelle activated her flight powers. She made sure to send her power over Amanda’s arm to her whole body. She started to smile as she felt herself leaving the ground and saw, that her best friend did just the same.

“Whoa, I’m starting to feel dizzy.”

“Being weightless does that to you.”

Amanda looked down and saw what Michelle meant. Not only her friend, but Amanda as well were hovering a foot above the floor. Startled, Amanda let go of Michelle’s arm. With their connection separated, Amanda floated down as gravity slowly reclaimed its rule on her.  

“What did you just do? Telekinesis?”

“I shared my power off flight with you.”

“You can share powers with me?”

“It seems so, but only as long as we have skin contact. The powers I share are much weaker than my own, though. And you basically don’t have any means to control them, so this isn’t the best way for you to get to know these powers.”

“You make it seem like there’s a better way.”

“Of course there is! Drinking the same potion as me should have a similar effect on you, don’t you think?”

Michelle's Meteor Memento Part 2
After having received a lot of comments asking for the continuation of MMM, I finally decided to repost some of it. Currently I am pondering a reboot of sorts and I am a bit unsure about how big the changes to the original would be. Could be either so huge it's a different story or it simply took a different direction but started with the same premise.
MMM Sleeping Animation (rework)
Once more with gravity. Last year, DAZ introduced dForce as a way to simulate the way clothes react to gravity and wind etc. This makes it posible to simulate a blanket that actually fits the person lying underneath. Here's what happens if the person underneath isn't as affected by gravity as the blanket.



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