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I just bought glasses so I'm smexy librarian girl ;'}

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By niziolek
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Not only sexy librarian glasses - you try to tempt me with an apple as well...
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My new ones are made out of wood. Step up your game, senpai
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That apple reflects light oddly well… Is that thing edible? :XD:
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Good choice on the glasses.  It's a good look, and that's not always the case.
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That's pretty "smexy" all right! :D
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brałbym, kiedy zostawiasz sebe i w koncu bedziemy razem??
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Czemu nie mogę mieć was obu?
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bo sebek jest tak seksowny że gdybym miał wybór to przytulałbym sie do niego.......
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Bardzo nie tym zraniłeś Rafał :( Dlatego zostaje z Sebą, dla niego zawsze jestem nr 1
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lepiej odejdź, wiem że farbowałaś włosy w liceum i udawałaś że to od słońca.........
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oh! goodness! your so pretty! ♥ you rock the glasses :D Good for you!
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No argument from me, with or without the glasses.
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This is a beautiful picture of you, and I like your new glasses.
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You're welcome. :-)
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I have regret that I can't click like button on DA :D
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Yeah... they need to update on the site a bit(a lot!). LOL
Bowing Bugs I am glad you enjoy my comment as much as I sincerely believe it. :D (Big Grin)   
I'm sure others would agree.Happy Sonic Emoticon
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