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Leilani | Oakfern Doe | Herbalist

By Nixxily
Who really, really needed a new reference? THIS LADY! I hope you're all as excited about her new reference as I am!

Basic Information
Name: Leilani
Nickname: Lani
Gender: doe
Age: 16
Year of Birth: 749 of the New Age 
Height: 8hh-81cm
Build: Light
Phenotype: Smokey Cream maximum partially restricted fawn
Genotype: EE/aa/CrCr/fwfw/rzrz
Eye Colour: blue
Design Sheet: Fawnling March Imports: 2 Week Literature Auction nr 10

Dam: Elenor - NPC
Bloodline: Oakfern
Magic Type: Water

Leilani |OLD REFERENCE | Age 0-13
Leilani's StatsStats and Skills: 
Skill Points
Speed: 14 [Medium Level]
Stamina: 13 [Medium Level]
Strength: 3 [Basic Level] (capped at 5)
Magic: 60 [Legendary Level]
Herbs: 27 [Advanced Level]
Experience: 9
Stat total: 91
+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+6 magic - starter bonus
+5 herbs - starter bonus
A Mother's Care
+1 herbs - art - A Mother's Care
+1 herbs - lit - 400-999 words - A Mother's Care
Babies looking for Baby's Breath
+1 Herbs- art - Babies looking for Baby's Breath
+1 Herbs - lit - 400-999 words - Babies looking for Baby's Breath
Games in the Caves
+1 Strength- art - Game
Leilani's TimelineYear 749 of the New Age
Leilani's birth - Oakfern

Elenor learns Leilani about Baby's Breath

Year 750 of the New Age - 1year
Games in the Caves: Leilani's POV Leilani and her friend Laniya have an adventure.- Oakfern
 A normal day - A normal day
Izzy and Leilani meet for the first time.  - Oakfern
Elenor goes to Silverthorne to steal fawns and poison the lake. 
Leilani meets a fawn and plays with him/her - Silverthorne
Year 751 of the New Age - 2years
 Tears are Water - Solban (nerwen-wilwarin) is adopted by Elenor and becomes Leilani's brother - Oakfern
Year 752 of the

Herd Information
Herd: Oakfern
Herd Position: Outcast
Mate(s): Solban | Stag | Oakfern Guard
Current Location: Oakfern, above ground
:bulletred: Y759: Farfalla | Hind | Renegade
:bulletblue: Y759 Varamyr NightingaleFawn 

Curious - Smart - Reserved - Sarcastic - Passionate - Emotional

Leilani believes and prays to the Moon God, Gealach. While being a fawn taker before, she know sacrifices predators to Gealach, no longer able to deliver foals after becoming a mother.

Leilani is proud to be who she is, and she's about to change. She's smart and curious, and the latter can easily be abused as a bad quality. Curiosity killed cat, and Leilani's curiosity will get her into trouble sooner or later.. She's a passionate lady, but prefers to hide what she feels. Only to those she trusts, she will open and speak. She doesn't easily trust, especially after what happened to her mother and brother. Solban (played by nerwen-wilwarin) is one of the few she trusts, trough she feels rejected by him. She & her foster-brother Solban share a strange relationship; one were they love each other, but also a psychical attraction. These feelings are strange for both of them, trough they do admit to it.

In her interactions with others, as little fawn, she loved playing with other fawns. Trough not the most social fawn, she wasn't picked on or rejected. She had few friends but had close friendships. She was always a little reserved, but after her mother's death, she becomes much more reserved. 
Trough Leilani loves the watch the stars, flowers and the moon, something she can't do in the caves, she does love water. She loves swimming, even as little fawn, she was often the first to jump into the water. She loves to eat fruit, enjoys the rain and snow, and looking at the starry sky. As such, she prefers the above ground more then below.

-Necklace with a sapphire gem and an owl-feather 
-Jewelry around her horn with turquoise gems 

Since she was blessed by the Moon god, she gained a cat's tail, claws, and fangs. Her coat changes along with the seasons, like the moon shifts phases. In winters, she is dark, and in summers, she is light. 

Brief History:
Y749 - born to a OF herbalist
Y751 - her mother adopts her foster brother Solban
Y752 - She learns magic
Y755 - her mother and half-brother are killed by a shadow cat
Y757 - she travels to BW to learn to hunt predators to take revenge.
Y758 - falls in love with her foster brother Solban
Y759 - has her first daughter, Farfalla, and adopts Varamyr. They are banished from OF because Solban is missing.
Y760 - travels to ST & BW
Y762 - returns to OF & recieves a blessing form Gaelach

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Lani!! She's so cute :heart:
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:squee: She's GORGEOUS! So excited to see how things go for her! :la:
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^^ Thank you! :hug:
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She looks cute! I love her front paws (Curious what Solban will think about that though, probably won't love them as much xD). You are really getting the hang of it with the digital art aren't you?
I love the animation two, though if you let it run a bit slower (few more pictures inbetween), I think it would be even better =).
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Thank you :heart:

Well previously I was told it was going to fast so .. no longer know what to do
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Well I actually agree with the to fast, so instead of making it run faster or slower, adding more pictures inbetween. it will run smoother, the changes will be smaller and thus it will feel like it goes slower :)
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ohh she look so pretty <3
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