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FmnF Quetzalcoatl

The Forget-Me-Not Fields
Show Name: Forget-Me-Not Fields Quetzalcóatl
Call name: Zatil
Gender: Colt
Breed: Hake [link]
Height: currently unkown - colt
Color: black maximum sabino grey (Pearl Carrier)
Eyes: Special -Gold and yellow eye
Discipline: halter, liberty
Breeder: ~ *Forget-Me-Not-Fields
Owner: ~ *Forget-Me-Not-Fields
Trainer: Amalthea


Zatil is a cheerful, careless colt. While some hakes are bothered by the temptation and desire of eating horse meat, Zatil seems totally free from those worries. Instead, Zatil is a social colt, that enjoys spending time with other foals. (For safety reasons - under supervision trough)
He loves getting attention, and he loves learning new things.

Magic and abilities:
Hake venom, Hake stare, Hake strength

Breeding info:
*Notice: these are just to keep track of his build, he's a pure hake*
25% Celestina [link]
12.5% Mustang
50% Iberian/Spanish Horse


50% of his foals will have at least 1 yellow hoof.

Sire: FmnF Celestino
------------------------------------------ DSS: Shorik
----------------- DS: MVS Scales Legacy
------------------------------------------ DSD: MVS White Ruby
Dam: GA Fire Burns the Eyes
----------------- DD: MVS Owl-Eyes

For stud/lease: No. Affiliates only can send requests. Spots for the public will be available and I'll announce them.

Zatil hatched!
Full Body
Celestino and his sons
Breeding Pictures:



Info and credits
character: ~ Me; ~Nixly form the *Forget-Me-Not-Fields
design ~ Me; ~Nixly form the *Forget-Me-Not-Fields
Breed ~ ~Kidrylm-writer
Art ~ Me; ~Nixly form the *Forget-Me-Not-Fields
Media ~ traditional mixed with digital
Reference ~ ~blue-eyed-book-lover


Read more: [link]
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MiraeChaos's avatar
So beautifully made...
And cute foal too! You make those huge tails look pretty good! O.O
Nixxily's avatar
Thank you! :D
I just love the shiny-ness you can give those tails :meow:
nerwen-wilwarin's avatar
Ohh gosh, he is soo cute<3 I absolutly adore him<3 And his name is great aswell, the feathered snake right? suits him well!
Nixxily's avatar
:squee: I'm so glad you like him!
He's my little sweety :D
Yup, feathered snake, after a Maya god I think :)
nerwen-wilwarin's avatar
Like him? I love him!<3
Scutterland's avatar
Sooooo cute! Oh that pose is awesome, I especially love the tail! Woo, looking extremely handesome!
Nixxily's avatar
:aww: Thank you so much!
I've been wanting to get a hake for a while now, I finally have my little boy :D
Hakes are great! :D
Scutterland's avatar
He is sooooo gorgeous, congratulations! LOL there've been a couple breeds that I've wanted, been patient waiting for the perfect one, and it was always worth it when I got it :D
Nixxily's avatar
:heart: Thank you ^^
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
oohh he look awesome :D
Nixxily's avatar
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