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About Critique.... As always, I love getting feedback - constructive feedback. Faves, a simple "I love it" I always appreciate too, but no down-right negative critiques please. Leave me the room to improve my art, rather then making me feel down and discourage me of attempting to try and improve again. Thank you ^^

So what do you guys think? I think I spend 8 hours on this, mostly because of the detailed background I think :XD: Shading isn't that impressive, but I wanted to get a certain 'feeling' in it. Did it work? :) I played with contrast and brightness a little, made it a little darker. Amalthea is supposed to be brighter then the rest. It's not that obvious that I darkened the floor right? :)
~MiraeChaos once gave me the advice to try and draw backgrounds, and I kinda took that advice to creating a background that would give a certain feeling - a dark room, think Beauty & Beast - you know, those dark room where the Beast lives? Dark, messy, but still dignified. I don't think it's a very good work, but at least from point of view I tried to make a background with so much in it, is quite a difference :)

Amalthea walked into Dr. Marcus's room. The children, Emma, Nina & Rostislav, were afraid to enter this room again. Getting a book without their Uncle Marcus noticing is 1 thing, but returning it and scolding the man for not showing them the book? This ... Maybe it'd be fun to watch, but Emma, Nina & Rostislav were doing it from a distance.

Amalthea tried to find the light, but realized she couldn't find it. Instead, she called for him. "Dr. Marcus? Dr. Marcus?" She carefully walked into the room, Spotty following her very closely, Amala on her shoulder, and Vimal on her other shoulder. "Dr. Marcus?" Amalthea tried again, but once more, no response. She carefully wondered into the room further. She held on to the book very carefully, and step by step she wandered into the room. Books, books, potions, potion ingredients, spiderwebs, dust, ... And darkness.

"Dr. Marcus? Dr. Marcus?" Amalthea didn't understand. He was almost always here. Where could he be?


X-x-Credits, Reference, Info-x-X
Herb Bottles Reference 1 ~ =Falln-Stock
Knick-Knack Bottles Reference ~ =Falln-Stock
Book Closet Reference ~ ^Elandria
Girl Reference 1 ~ ^Elandria
Girl Reference 2 ~ *SenshiStock
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I love this drawing! I love the eerie lighting :D
And it reminds me that I need to have a library room in my house whenever I get one :D
Love those books!
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:giggle: Thank you so much! I was worried it wouldn't come out nice ... but I'm really it does! :D
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This is awesome!! The detail! The color! The cool new shading! Not to mention the mystery - I can't wait to see what happens next!
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:giggle: I love your reaction!
Thank you! I'll be sure to start the next part very soon ;) After all, this still happens before my stable's contest, and my staff will be guiding you guys around :D
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wow.. that looks amazing, Nixly! i'm envious of your book skillz :p
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:) Thank you!
Lots of time crawled in this one ;)
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I'm glad the stock was helpful :D Thanks for showing me!
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Good work! Glad my stock came in useful! :hug:
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:blush: Thank you so much :)
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