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Avila Bid by Nixxily Avila Bid by Nixxily
my bid for nr 6 - 
Fawnlings February 2014 Blackwood Imports by TigressDesign
Bay Partially Restricted Smoky Fawn

No scars yet, because this is her coming of age! Same for the decorations, she'll get them on her ref and such but here she's pictured to young ^^

So what do you guys think? I'm rather proud of it! :la: First time I tried a lot of new things! Texture, to name one ^^ Thank you Cat! :D
Also a first time for a new technique for fog, that looks a lot better! The trees fading more into the background is also new and the blurry trees, the grass even Avila have some new tricks on them xD It all turned this into something I didn't think it could look so good!

Story to go with the picture

Year 751 of the New Age: Spring --- Blackwood

Avila's legs kept working. Her breath left her noise in small clouds.
She loved it. This was perfect. The adrenaline rushed trough her veins. She loved this. This was her coming of age. Only the best. Only the best would bring down a wolf. The lone wolf they found was kinda skinny ... but she refused to give up. She ran. Faster, faster and faster. Using the night as her cover, she didn't give up. The fog helped her. It didn't limit her - she was taller then the fog. But the wolf wasn't. Her breath left her lungs, hot and cooling down quickly as it left her noise. 
The rest of her pack seemed to have given up, being out of breath. But she wasn't. No. She would prove her worth.

This wolf, she would make her first decoration out of them! She was so eager to get her own decoration. Her mother and grandmother stated she had to earn the right for a decoration, and she would. This was not only her coming of age. This was her first hunt. This was her first change to prove herself. Her first story to tell to her fawns later - like her mother had done for her! She had to make this a story worth telling. No. She just had to keep running, till she could slay the wolf, and return successful!
And she would not fail.

The wolf was exhausted. He couldn't keep going for long. Soon. She'd have her first successful hunt. She was the best. She wouldn't fail.
The dark doe stretched out her feet, nearly hitting the wolf on his butt. The wolf pulled his tail under his tail and made a desperate jump to get away from her. 
The blood in her veins pumped, burned her almost. She was tired, but would not admit it. She was not the one to give up, she would rather faint then give in to her own body's cries for rest. Her legs burned, each step was another burn send in them. Her lungs could hardly catch her breath fast enough, She nearly tripped over the branches in the forest, but she wouldn't give up.

Breathing heavily, she let out between her breathes; "I .. will ... get ... you."
It was a conformation, She was certain. He wouldn't escape. She would go for his throat, force the breath out of him. He would die because he suffocated. His fangs would decorate her fur, his skin would keep her warm in winter.
He could run, but his fate was sealed. 

Name: Avila

Meaning: possibly German “Desired”

Gender: doe

Age: 11 years (Born in Year 746 of the New Age)

Height: 11hh

Build:  Medium-Light Build

Phenotype: Bay Partially Restricted Smoky Fawn


Eye Colour: brown

Design Sheet:

Sire: NPC Dražen

Dam: NPC Vera

Granddam: NPC Verena

Bloodline: Pure Blackwood

Magic Type: Black

Inborn: Possession

Learned: Hexes and Curses

Magic Level: Inborn: 10 / Learned: 1

Herbal Level: 0

Fight Stats


Skill Points

Speed: 5 [Basic Level]

Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]

Strength: 1 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 11 [Medium Level]

Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+5 speed - base bonus

+3 stamina - base bonus

+1 strength - base bonus

+11 magic - starter bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Blackwood

Herd Position: Witch



Brutal | Quick-witted | Competitive | Unforgiving | Quick to anger | Affinity for Magic

Strengths: Quick thinker, confident, determent

Weaknesses: Impatient, rash, big ego, easy to flatter/dare

She’s always on the lookout for danger, and loves to play by the edge of the world. She just lives for the rush of adrenaline trough her veins. She loves hunting on wolves and bears, and wears her scars and fangs proudly. she’s easy to anger, and quick to look for a fight because of this too.

She feels she is superior to stags. And they should freaking listen to her. If she wants to go raid a wolf pack, they need to shut up and listen to her plan and execute it the way she wants!

She know she’s beautiful, and she’ll remind you of that too. She loves decorating herself with furs, claws and fangs, and sees scars as beauty marks. She loves herb lore, and magic. She’ll training so one day, she hopes to make charms to increase her own magic.

Underneath all that hard exterior, she does have a soft side. She won’t often show it, and it’s hard to get into her heart, but once you do, she’ll defend you forever.

Avila is more of a practical believer; she’ll sacrifice, hunt, live according to Úir, but doesn't really pray often.


Sire: Her father Dražen was protective of her, and would always make sure their was another stag to protect her. He was a cruel man, that often punished these stags gravely for losing sight of her. Truth be told, she often outsmarted her father’s guards quiet easily. Dražen felt proud he was the father of one of the rare blackwood does, and he wouldn't just let anyone get near her.

Dam: Vera (NPC) Her mother on the other hand fed her love for danger. She told her daughter stories about hunting wolves and bears, and was proud of her own scars. And, as her mother always said, no better way to honor Úir then to slay a beast in her name, as the Mother of all favors those with strength.  Vera was very good with herbs, and knew a lot about style; she was often dressed in bear and wolf skins.

Granddam: Verena (NPC) Her grandmother was a very proud doe, and felt it her granddaughter required to know several things. Her grandmother’s inborn magic was Hexes and curses, and she tought her daughter about the value of this gift, even so much that her granddaughter wished she was born with hexes and curses, instead of possession.Her grandmother was a master at Hexes and Curses, and showed her granddaughter many tricks and training. Her grandmother also thought her many things about the Mother of the Wood, Úir.

Uncle/Half-brother: (might be an NPC or if I can find someone to play him) She is very close to her uncle/half-brother. Born to the same sire, out of Avila’s grandmother, Avila always had a soft spot for this guy. She’d stick up for him, love him, scold him, and protect him.

Kira: First met him when she was putting together a hunt. She just saw him, and commanded him to join her. For some reason, he did, and she did like how he hunted, so she ordered him to come along for more hunts, and sometimes joined raids that included Kira too. After some time, they start flirting with each other, and Avila made a game out of teasing him.

Mai’cob; Friends with benefits. They both think they're the best, and that makes them very hard to be around when together. They run over others, and you ain't stopping them! With they clash, they're a storm to be avoided, when they walking in the same direction, they can take down everything.

Avicob; NPC Son of her and Mai'cob. Avicob is very loyal, religious, and an overachiever. He's afraid he can't live up to his parents great standards, and tends to do whatever he can to make his parents proud. Avila loves her son, but often wishes she had a girl.


Born as a pure blackwood doe, she was a treasure. Her mother and grandmother lived with her in the harem of a pure stag. They were treated as the pearls of the herd, as the most precious. They were, after all, the only does in the stag’s harem.

She would often boss around her siblings and even fawns from different harems.

As she grew older, she desired her own coming of age ritual. She would prove what her parents and grandmother had told her time after time; that she is of greatest value; she would finally be given her chance to prove herself to Úir.

And she did prove herself. She, along with the others in her group. And she was their leader. She had let her group into the adulthood, into honoring  Úir.

She was revered, she made her family proud.

After her coming of age, Avila’s adventures mostly take her into raids and hunts. She first refuses all stags, wanting to focus on her own skills.

But after some years, Avila wants to birth her own fawn. She finds a stag she deems worthy, and births her first baby boy. She raises the boy with care and love, but quickly finds it sorta boring. She misses the rush, the danger of the hunt. As soon as her boy can be left alone, in the care of her father and his own father, she takes off, back into hunting.

Avila started to realize she doesn't want to be a part a harem. Why would she be a part of someone’s harem when she is better then them? She starts to over-think the idea of her own Polyandry, a man-harem. She imminently has 2 candidates for her polyandry. Mai’cob, and Kira. She doesn't really tell them, and lets them keep their own harem of lesser females.

Avila might not chose a permanent mate, she will stick to the stags she deems worthy.

After she has a miscarriage, she is left weakened, and is angry to no limit. Why did this happen to her? Why to her? She’s perfect! Desired! Loved! This is one of the things that happens to the lesser does in the harems, not to her! Confused, she wanders the Glenmore border and meets Lí, a hidden princess doe. Avila gains some new-found respect for Glenmore (or at least for Lí and her whole family) and that causes her to think about the lesser does in the harems.

It even makes her think about her polyandry.

Feeling slightly confused, she travels to Silverthorne, to seek out Sila, knowing this doe had a miscarriage too.


Year 746 of the New Age

- Spring

    Avila’s Birth

Year 747 of the New Age

Year 748 of the New Age

Year 749 of the New Age


    Avila’s first magic lessons

Year 750 of the New Age

Year 751 of the New Age


    Avila’s coming of age ritual


    Avila meets with a strange small doe, Mana.


    Avila goes in heat for the first time. She rejects all stags

Year 752 of the New Age

    Avila spends most of her time training her magic, and rejects all stags

Year 753 of the New Age


    Avila flirts a lot, with a pure black stag. He has a golden doe in his harem, from Silverthorne. Avilia and Sila meet and talk.


    Avila flirts a lot, and even finds a stag she deems worthy!  Mai’cob played by KwehCat

Year 754 of the New Age


    Avila births her first fawn; a little boy she names Avicob.

Year 755 of the New Age

    Avila rejects all stags again, but goes on raids and starts to flirt with Kira

Year 756 of the New Age

    Avila teases Kira and flirts, but doesn’t let Kira take her.

Year 757 of the New Age

    Avila meets up with Leilani, and the 2 after some struggle, really get along. The 2 even go hunting on bears.

    Avila contuines to flirt with Kira, but this time, she wants to get another fawn.

Year 758 of the New Age


    Avila has a miscarrage, and is left weakend & frustrated. She desires to go out on raids again, but is to weak to do so.


    Dispite still beng weakend, Avila goes wandering. She comes close to the border of Glenmore and meets Líosa. She promishes Lí to carry a message to her parents.


    Finally recovering, Avila goes to visit Sila, the golden doe she met years ago. She wants to speak about the miscarriage, risking Silverthorne to discover Sila did have a fawn before ...

Grunge texture ~ struckdumb

Horse stock ~ Kelzyra-HorseStock

Forest stock ~ RiNymph-Stock

Wolf Stock ~ Sikaris-Stock

Fawnlings ~ Ehetere

Many thanks to KwehCat & ObsydianDragon for helping me!

Special thanks to KwehCat for teaching me many new techniques that make this piece so outstanding to come from my hand!! :love:

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LeakyTrain Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
Absolutely adore her! The personality, history, image, everything! :love:

(Just so you know, there's another fawnling with this name. Not sure if it's an issue but figured you should know just in case^^)
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :la: I worked on her for a long time ;)

I don't think it's an issue ... Somebody told me after I picked the name, and I'm not keen on changing the name now; I picked the name carefully to fit her, and the other Avila is from another herd soo ~ Couldn't find a rule against it, so it shouldn't be much off a trouble ^^
LeakyTrain Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Fair enough, I just figured I should let you know just in case ;P
KinG-FaWn Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And I love her history :heart:
KinG-FaWn Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Loves lovesey dovsy lovey gosh it's a gorgeous piece!! <333


Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:blush: Thank you so much!
I love your comment! :love:
byrch Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Good luck! I really like the style you used, and the color palette and texture!
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D
It's quite new, I've never used a lot of these techniques before and I surprised myself with the hole thing!
I'll defiantly be using these methods more! 
byrch Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Nice! It looks really sweet, can't wait to see other pieces with it!
Nixxily Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:D Thank you so much!!!
DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
Good luck for the auction dear. :hug:
I want to try for her too. ^^

I really like the background on this one. You did a great job on it.
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D

Ow dear, you too? I think I lost then! You write amazing personalities and stories! very tough competition! ;D Can't wait to see your bid trough!
DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
You're welcome. ^^

No I don't think I will make the race for her. There are much better entries than mine. Especially concerning the character.

And I'm honest I want the stag character I'm trying for much more than the doe.
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:giggle: That's a creative way to put it! the race! ;)

Good luck with your stag! I hope you win him!
DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Isn't it some kind of a race? ; )

Thanks. :hug:

Honestly. I would sell my soul to get that one
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess it! ;)

Aww don't sell your sould -.-" You'll get one!
Jian89 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, this looks really great :D the trees looks amazing, really giving a dark sphere at the picture. love the used texture to ^^
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
First time using textures, and I learned a lot of new things that I did here. I got Avila a little to light, and I learned to make her darker without messing up my shading! :D
DragonPud Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck Nixly! The story and her history is great!
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! :D
I'm so glad you like it! :D
DragonPud Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just posted Rigoletto!
KwehCat Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is sooooo awesome!! Good luck getting her!!
Nixxily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D
I hope I stand a change, quite tough competition! 
(some great char to read trough!)
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