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Crumbo - Winter Is Depressing


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Bathtime For Crumbo


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Icon - Crumbo the Abominable Snow Monster

Crumbo the Abominable Snow Monster

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Tito, My Friendly Alien Cockroach

Tito the Giant Alien Cockroach

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Thumper Bear - Everything's Coming Up Spring!

Woodland Creatures

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Buster the Fruit Bat

Buster the Flying Fox Bat

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Stormy the Sea Monster

Stormy the Sea Monster

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A Long Neck Dinosaur Sits on an RV

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Reptiles

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Herbert's Hippo Butt

Jungle Animals

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Finn the Great White Shark

Marine Life

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Kurt Is So Excited to See the Yeti


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1998 - Devon and Cornwall


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The Unofficial Tricolor Flag of Novaterra

Nostalgia of Novaterra

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Cineplex Odeon Home Video (1986)

Logos, Idents, Bumpers, Graphics, Screens

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80s DYNA-DATER Space Marquee theatre snipe (35mm)

Retro Cinema Graphics

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Movieland Theatres (1996 logo)

Movieland Theatres - Atlantic Cinema Corp.

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Showcase Multiplex - Narrow Auditorium

The Retro Movie Theatre Experience

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