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If you're a complete stranger coming to ask me for requests, art trades, or RP via a note or a comment, then please don't.


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No need to thank me for the fave, the watch, or anything. You're welcome!

Favorite Bubblegum Dance Hit from Dance Dance Revolution? 

7 deviants said Butterfliy -
5 deviants said Witch Doctor - Cartoons
2 deviants said Dream a Dream - Captain Jack
1 deviant said Hero - Miss Papaya
1 deviant said Bumble Bee - Bambee
1 deviant said Do It All Night - E-Rotic
1 deviant said Kick the Can - Bus Stop
No deviants said Cartoon Heroes - Barbie Young
No deviants said Look at Us - Sarina Paris
No deviants said 7 Jump - Ken D.


Nick Matthews
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there. I am Nick Matthews, or you can call me Nick, or Nix if you want.

I am 24 years old, even though I'm always stuck in the years of 1998-2002. I was born in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador and currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have high functioning Autism-Spectrum disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and mental instability, so if you don't want to say something nice to me, please don't say anything at all.

The hobbies that I am most interested in are drawing, animating, more things about art, and composing music. I also enjoy watching old animated movies on VHS, listening to Bubblegum Dance music of the late 90s, collecting old and rare items, travelling, taste-testing exotic foods from around the world, and plenty more fun things. You can check out the Interests section for more cool things I'm interested in.

My personal favorite character to draw the most is Buster the flying fox bat, but I also draw fanart of my favorite TV shows, movies, and video games. I've been drawing pictures since I was 4 or 5 years old, back in around 1999.

I am a kind and caring person and I really want to meet more friendly people here on DeviantArt someday


Say hello to Mr. Chomp!
Super Mario 64 - Chain Chomp Stamp by SuperMarioFan65

Newfoundland Stamp by karliashi Pepsi Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Nintendo 64 Stamp by TrippFoxx Super Mario 64 Stamp by SuperRamen More than Water by NorthboundFox Keep It Weird Stamp by Gnawsome-Opossum Disney Is Overrated Stamp by the-ocean-sings
Anti-pedophile by Pieropopee And Before Anyone Asks Me If I Somehow... by Mintaka-TK Team Switzerland? by Mintaka-TK


I turned off notifications for my mentions, so I will no longer be notified if anyone uses my emoticons or if anyone tags me in their posts or comments.  
Turns out the official name of that tiny black ball thing that spits out fire in Super Mario 64 is Keronpa Ball, which is a variation of the Flame Chomp.
Just had a strange dream last night.  I saw Family Guy on TV, and Peter Griffin was abducted by aliens, and had been experimented on his butt, and they successfully cloned Meg Griffin.  Then, I went to a rave party that was filled with live aliens, and we were dancing to "Lollipop (Candyman)" by Aqua.
Performed live on stage... in front of hundreds of little kids???

Just recently watched the uncut alternate ending of the 1986 musical hit Little Shop of Horrors, and it made me think of a childhood fear I once had while living my first few years of life a small town in the late 90s. You won't believe this, but I was afraid of plants. I know a lot of young kids at kindergarten age were afraid to eat their vegetables, even when their mother says consuming those garden fresh plants give them a clean bill of health. But me, I was afraid of plants, in general. Not just vegetables or carnivorous plants, but pretty much anything that grows in a garden, I wouldn't touch.

You know the flower patterns that could be found on some old furniture or wallpaper, right? If you know me very well, you know that I used to believe that when I touched one of those patterns, it would make a loud noise that would scare me, like a creepy laugh or a weird screaming noise. I have fond memories of lying down on a bed with flower patterns on the covers, and watching the flowers move, and hearing them scream at me for sitting on them. I couldn't even look at a Hawaiian shirt without freaking out.

And the fear of plants was not limited to patterns. I think I may have told you this awkward story before, but while I was playing outside in the healthy green grass of the front yard, I remember that moment when I stepped on a pile of grass that made a high pitched chuckling noise, like one of those Boo ghosts in Super Mario 64, or even the Poe ghosts from the two Zelda games that were released for Nintendo 64.

Believe it or not, my fear also included trees of all sorts. Palm trees, Christmas trees, shrubs, bushes, any tree you could think about, I was afraid of. Especially the Christmas trees that people displayed in their homes around the Christmas holidays. Yes, those fragile glass ornaments and those warm miniature light bulbs might be tempting to touch, but I didn't want to come a single inch closer to one, because of how I thought the branches were as sharp as thorns, or had something that could be too toxic for me to touch and feel.

One of those odd things I used to believe as a kid was that if you swallow a seed that you find in a fruit like a watermelon, a plant will start to grow inside your stomach and through your skin. And yes, I even thought mushrooms could grow right through your body, but I guess that would only happen in the rotting corpses of dead insects.

And yes, this fear also included fungi, coral, and sea sponges, which I used to think were like plants in a way.

Almost 20 years later, I have overcome this fear of plants in general, and I find a lot of plants quite fascinating, especially palm trees and Venus flytraps.  However, my fear of touching plants is just limited to a few patterns I just find strange.  

  • Drinking: Pepsi

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- "Thank you" shouts below are okay.


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