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Zaraki no hollow

By nixuboy
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Made this earlier today, but I was too lazy to post it till now :P
Umhh yeah.. It's Kenpachis inner hollow fellow :D

It was so wierd to color cuz it didn't look natural like Ichigos hollow... I made like 6 different versions and I think that this one works well enough. Lemme know what u think :)

Reference was used.

Time: about 2 hours
Tools: Cs2 & Wacom

Zaraki no Kenpachi is (C) by Tite Kubo
Art (C) me
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© 2008 - 2020 nixuboy
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I don't think he'll ever hollowfy. He's crazy enough as a soul reaper.
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May i make a suggestion... run : l
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Damnm if Kenpachi got a hollow....we'd all be dead. I grinned when I saw this... like a big insane grin!! I love how you've captured the insanity in them both, this is an awesome picture.
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FallenGabeStudent Traditional Artist
Kenpachi with a Hollow...Seems about right. Since Kenpachi can't communicate with his sword if he wanted more power, becoming a Vizard would be the way to go. Anyway~ I love the concept and design here, you've captured the inner manic that would be Kenpachi's hollow self. There appears to be a new scar on his chin that Zaraki doesn't have but it just adds to his overall appearance.

He looks more sickly than Kenpachi, he's more than just a re-coloration of the original design (unlike Ichigo's Hollow), with the addition of the new scar and his sunken in eyes and ratty clothing, you truly have created a whole new Kenpachi. :) Well done!
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Dear lord a Zaraki hollow the world would end
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kingmicky101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awsome kenpachi :D
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THIS IS AMAZING. He is going to kill us all!
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Aren't Inner hollows usally the opposite of their host?
That would be halirous in Zaraki's case, the Hollow would rather talk his way out of battles, instead of being a Psycho who keep challenging people to fights. xD

Haha but would he own if he was a vaizard!, you should do one with him having a mask.
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simply amazing xD
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Opaqueninja00Hobbyist Photographer
... I think he may kill us all...
But he's still awesome!! :heart:
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Kenpachi has gone hollow......Thats it we're boned XD
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AnarchyWriterHobbyist Writer
Start pray-Oh wait Zaraki killed the every universe. Nevermind!
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Frezzi007Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is Epic <3
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Pure awesomeness.
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YfronusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy shit, if Zaraki hits bankai and puts the mask on... <universe explodes and implodes at the same time>
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sure if this exists, he wil rock 'cause he will b even more crazy than the shinigami, right?
omg. if kenpachi becomes a hollow the world will come to the end immediatetly!!!!!!
Kenpachi hollow will bcme the king of thw worldS! O.O

this DA is makin' me thinkin' too much... mayb its dangerous... Tite sure has to see this!!!!!
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its really cool
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MakigeSenpaiHobbyist Writer
Hollow Zaraki will be quite awesome ! Love your drawings !
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ReaperJividHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, Hollow Zaraki is one I would not want to run into!
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Hollow Kenpachi????? Chuck Noris has met his match! The fight will cause the second big bang!
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Tää on nice :D en aatellu että muualta kuin omista videoistani näkisin tätä [link]
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nixuboyProfessional Digital Artist
Hahaa :D Vähän siisti :)
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