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Roronoa 'Z-Duck' Donald

My ultimate piece of art! :D I'm really happy how it end up :)
I managed to keep mood just like I wanted.

Download fo wallpaper size ;) And no stealing guys.

Oh yeah.. Thanks a lot fo 23456 hits! It means a lot to me :D

Tools: PS CS2 & Wacom graphire 4 A6
Time: Belive me.. It actually took lot of time.
Lineart version: [link]

Roronoa Zoro is (C) by Eiichiro Oda
Donald Duck is (C) by Disney
Fusion art is (C) by Niko Metsälä
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© 2008 - 2021 nixuboy
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hahahaha now that's cool x)).
Nataszsza's avatar
nixuboy's avatar
Hahaa! :D Thanks alot :)
Onigiri-nii's avatar
no floppin way O>O I LOVE IT!!!
nixuboy's avatar
Glad that u like it :)
Onigiri-nii's avatar
totally! It's a hilarious concept ^3^
lolitaninja's avatar
OMG! Next you should do Mickey D. Luffy, Goofy Usopp, Minnie Nami, and Nico Daisy!(LOL!)
nixuboy's avatar
Hehee :D That would be cool :)
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Being a huge one piece fan, this tickles me, and i can't help from saying "Zee Duck" with a pitful french accent.
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Hehee :D Glad that u like it :)
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hahaha nice shot!
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Haha tästähän tuli siisti!
nixuboy's avatar
Joo kiitti, mä ainakin tykkään :D

Mitens sun digimaalaus edistyy??
Myrkk4's avatar
bull fuck, en jaksa ainakaa nyt sitä, teen toista työtä =D
Buttercupcutie's avatar
Aw, those he has weapons.. he is so cute! ^^
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