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Hinata HOT, Sakura not

Yosh! Hey guys :) Juts finished coloring this lovely piece :P
I had much fun when I was doing it :D

:iconsharingandevil: draw this great lineart, zek it out..… :worship:
Colorz by meh :iconnixuboy:

Photoshop cs2 & wacom..
Time.. No idea :XD:

Hinata and Sakura are (C) by Kishimoto!

Fullview, thanks and enjoy!
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And thanks to the omake chapter from the last movie, this is now canon 
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isnt hinata's hair dark blue?
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It's funny because it's true!

The best part about Hinata is that she's self-conscious about that...
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Hinata is ill-at-ease because she is more busted than Sakura.
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i love the title :X
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hahahaha! this is great! that is so something sakura would do awesome job on the details as well
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hahahha! it wasnt until the 3rd time i saw this i noticed naruto!
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Sakura is just jealous because I actually HAVE something up there and she still doesnt
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They featured this in TvTropes. :XD:
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Yeah I know that there are alot of naruhina and hinata fans out there and so many ppl hate sakura but that just annoys me!!!!! I mean I used to hate sakura too but she is the main girl and I'm starting to like her, shes shown a lot of development in charcter and shes become stronger. Shes flawed but thats what makes her real and I could see that she does care for naruto and that she is growing up. I mean Hinata sorta annoys me but its mostly because of the fans. They always bash Sakura and are in love with Hinata. I think shes cute but she needs more development as a charcter and with her relationship with naruto if naruhina ever happens. I see her more with Kiba since he cares for her and been there for her like naruto has been for sakura.
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I don't know why the Sakura-lovers are Hina-haters and Hina-lovers are Sakura-haters (not all but there are a lot)... It's kinda stupid and annoys me too!!
I guess I'll blame Naruto... Yeah, that blond moron :P
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*claps* I agree with you about Sakura. My younger self hated her at first but she grew up to be pretty amazing. I really wish Kishimoto developed Hinata a little bit more.
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It's so funny that people (hinata haters) think Hinata's fat and is the most out of shape kunoichi (according to the Naruto card game stats) but lets be honest here... Hinata is realistically accurate with an everyday curvy girl and Sakura is just average (please don't kill me Sakura fans I'm not hating on her). The truth is I love them both and I'd rather have them go lesbian for each other and forget about Naruto.

I love this pic, ever since I say the original lineart. You did a great job coloring.
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I'm with you :) I think its a lot like tsunade she has the hips to support her and so does hinata :) I actually don't like one over the there but I do like hinata's shy personality and all
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Luv Hinata :)
Hate sakura,They say hinata is overrated,but Sakura is overrated too ;)
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Hinata rlz! Yay :D
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And some people say that sakura is beautiful......she doesn't have boobies, legs, ass, and this hair make she ugly. I don't like sakura but long hair makes her more beautiful
Hinata is hot, she have everything!

Nice painting
See my favorites, I took the best pictures of naruto and hinata.
My first draw of hinata from the cap 166 just hinata:[Link]
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OMG your totally right Boobs make hinata the best character ever :D they're so big!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D plus her long hair, being kidnapped by kumo and badass-ness makes her so much like kushina and she has been there for naruto from the begining XD NARUHINA FOREVER!!
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When I saw the size of her boobies for the first time on episode 167 of shippuden I said: WOW look at this ! I never thought they were so big omg!

See my favorites! I took the best pics of naruto, hinata and naruhina :dummy:
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LOL i can't believe you fell for that hahahahahahahaha

Yes BOOBS make her a good character :| it's compensating for the fact that she has hardly any character development OMG YAY!!!

i was just using common NaruHina language before ;D
Hinata's hair is medium :| Kushina's touched her ankles
Hinata slept through the kidnapping :| Kushina left strands of her hair so someone could save her
Hinata isn't badass :| Kushina is
Hinata never helped Naruto overcome his depression :| but i'm sure if she could Kushina would be there for him always

OMG YAY good pairings 4ever NaruHina Never!
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ya know what bugs me the most......SARCASIM! way would you say your naruhina if your really not? and don't tell me "it was just a joke" make up a better excuse please
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