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Fist of conviction

Fist of conviction

Blizzard contest / 2014 / Photoshop
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my main character in diablo 3 is the monk. I love this illustration!

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Dude. What's with the anatomy of his arm XD

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Hey, im a competitive yugioh Player but also a huge Diablo fan. I considered using this great artwork of yours for a playmat and wanted to ask for your permission.
hi, can i use it for create a token for magic the gathering card? 
Amazing work!
Can I use this for a custom playmat?
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of course. thank you!
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Dude, that is ridiculously awesome
metzad99's avatar
Congrats brother. Nice artwork
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Ultimate key eye
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축하합니다!!!! ^^
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I don't know why but it made me giggle. He is so serious but somehow there is a bit of satire here. Love it!
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You sure captured the Diablo III style bro!
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do you know how to put this picture widescreen?
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It took me a little while but i finally got this entire picture! Wow. The Monk truly is badass. 
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Congratulations, your piece is featured on DarK, with your interview!
DarK loves you!
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Freakin' A!  Monk from Diablo III is my favorite character!  Crowds?  What crowds?  GOOOONNNNNGGG!!!!  Great work!  
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Stunning piece dude.
RaindropsAreTyeDyed's avatar
This... is so awesome. The Monk is my favorite class!
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Congratulations. What did you use to paint. Painter or photoshop?
So awesome! It exactly fits the monk's lore. And those details! 
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