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Work in Progress (its in a very rough state) - for more information please read the information below

Zaephyr Fox

Class: Thief

Real Name: Crystal Sakura

Age: 28
Gender: female
Hight: 1,65 m

Animal Form: Fox

Hight: 1,79 m

Physique: athletic

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Warm Beige


Human Form:
A black cloak, a practical dark green outfit, a black leather belt for her equipment, a red crystal pendant
around her neck in form of a fox, a fox tattoo on her right shoulder, her hair reaches down her spine, She
has a scar on her left hand from a glass plate that fell on her hand from one of her first burglary, and
another one on her right tight from a trap. She is often seen with fox ears and tail.

Author note: The part with the fox ears and tail wasn't planned. But after NotImportant did a version of
her with these traits (in her Replay Style) and i liked it. I think it works with her character and so this will
be a part of her in the future.

Default Cloth Colors: Black, Dark Green, Brown

Vixen Form:
In her animal form, her appearance is that of a humanoid red fox. In this form, she is not only
stronger, faster and can jump higher than in her human form, but she can also cast stronger magic.
Her clothes, except her cloak (that she takes off), were modified so when she transforms she still
wears her clothes. Her hair turns red and stays a little longer, her eye color changes to yellow. The tips
of her ears and her tail are white.

Vixen Colors: Red, Black, White

Author note: At the moment i am a little bit struggling which version i will be going with at the end – i am torn
between an red or silver fox.

Two small Crossbow mounted on two bracers for her forearms. They are so designed that if she needs
them they swing open to shoot small stun darts or, if needed, a small hook (for example for a rope).
She also carries a small dagger in her belt.

A lockpick set, a rope, smokebombs, a small pocket with stun darts, a pouch, a small knife

A small fox – a fox she found as a kit and raised it, it helps her to escape or with small passages where
she can’t reach
Sometimes she gets help from Aiko, an ancient fox spirit.

She is able to use small spells, but because she thinks magic makes many think to easy (she likes the
challenge), she doesn’t use it often, she mostly uses heal or illumination spells.
In her Foxform she uses magic more often. Here she uses spells for offense and defense.

Cautious / doesn’t trust someone to easily / she hates attention and tries to stay hidden / she never
lets her friends down and will go all out if they need help / doesn’t like killing, so she tries to only
subdue her enemies, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to use weapons if needed (she can
use bows, crossbows, daggers, and knives) / she is often seen helping helpless and poor people

Crystal was born in a family of wandering circus artist where she trained and learned to be an artist.
But she never liked the attention and with the age of 16 left the circus and her family to adventure
through the world. Along with her travels, she tried to stay out of big cities and big crowds. She worked on
farms an helped in orphanages. Two years after she started her journey she stayed in an inn where
during a rainstorm a Nobel visited. He behaved like an absolute asshole. He made the innkeeper to
throw out some people into the rain but also took something from him and didn’t pay for his stay.
Crystal thought about teaching him a lesson. She followed and watched him the next day and tried to
find something she could take from him. The following evening he left his house and so she thought to
enter and search for something there.

Crystal had no experience in burglary, but through her training, she was able to reach higher windows
or climb walls, so she thought this would do it. After reaching the house, she climbs up to the open
window she saw earlier. She entered the room and searched if she could find something – nothing.
Suddenly she heard something outside the door, she spooked and tried to get out of the window. As
she climbed out, she accidentally opened its lock. The window was falling on her hand and slicing and
breaking it. Dropping from the second floor to the ground, she was able to roll, but she still broke her
leg. Trough the commotion the alarm was raised, and she tried to get away from everything, but with
a bleeding hand and broken limb, it wasn’t an easy feat. After a while, she was able to escape in a small
alley where she found a small garden to cover in. She was able to tie her wound bevor she fell

The next day Crystal was found by the owners oft hat garden who took her in and treat her wounds.
After some days of recovery the couple (a locksmith and his wife a medic) who took her in tried to
find out a little more about her, but she didn’t want to talk, she didn’t want someone to know what
she did or that someone might get problems because they helped her. The couple respected this and
still supported her. Some days later Crystal was woken up by a big commotion in the house. She left her
room and tried to find out what was going on. Downstairs she saw the couple and the noble from the
inn. It looked like the noble was threatening the couple. After he left, she went down to them and
wanted to know what happened. She found out that he wants the property with the garden because
he thinks only nobles are allowed to have such property.

Crystal told them what happened the day bevor they found her. They came tot he conclusion that
they might help each other. The next week's Crystal trained to get back to her feet, and was
trained in different locks and lockpicking from the locksmith.
After some time Crystal was ready to try it again. She was able to climb in and steal some documents
from the noble. With them, they were able to get him arrested and out of town.
After this day Crystal decided to help people who are in trouble. And even the couple was in helping
her, they looked out for jobs for her.

After some years she acquired the taste of stealing things. So she decided that she will help
people but also try to steal things that people tell could not be taken or infiltrate locations that are
heavenly guarded just for the kick. Her only agenda is that nobody should know she was there and
nobody gets hurt.

During one of her adventures, she found an old secret cellar in an old house. It looked ancient and like
nobody ever took a step in these rooms, even the owners of the house. After some steps, she found
that there were a lot of traps installed in these walls. She was able to avoid some of them but also
trip some of them. Her clothes were partially ripped, and she lost some of her equipment but against all the
odds she reached the end of this dungeon-like cellar. But the only thing she found in the last room
was a small crystal pendant shaped like a fox. She thought it didn’t look that worth for all the traps
that lied bevor it. After touching it, something hit her leg. She wasn’t cautious enough and overlooked
one last trap that was installed in the podest in front of her. Her thigh was pierced by an arrow with
a poisoned tip.

She instinctively holds her hand to her wound while holding the pendant in her hand. Letting some
blood trip on it. While she stumbled across the room in pain, she didn’t notice that the pendant
began to light up in a warm red color. She leans at the wall and thought that this would be the end, as
suddenly someone else was standing in the room in Front of her. She thought she was hallucinating because the
person in front of her looked like a humanoid vixen in a kimono (she knows these clothes
from her time in the circus). It started to speak in a very warm tone, and she thought this was
because she was dying.

The vixen introduced her as Aiko, an ancient fox spirit. She was trapped in this place hundreds of
years ago and thanks to Crystal was released out of her prison. She then noticed the arrow in Crystals
leg. With a hand swing, she took it out and healed her poisoning. After that, she helped Crystal, who
still doesn’t know whats going on, from the floor.
After a few seconds, Crystal had pulled herself together and introduced herself to Aiko and why she was
here in the first place.

The fox spirit was listening with interested and after that made Crystal an offer. If Crystal would be
willing to help her to find some of her belongings and find out why she was trapped in that pendant,
she would give her power to help her on her adventures and helping other people.
Crystal thought about it a short while and then wanted to know what it would mean to her. Aiko told
her that she would get a powerful body sometimes and they will always be connected so that they
can talk anytime they want and Aiko can help her when she needs her. After agreeing, Crystal felt
something burning on her shoulder. On her right shoulder appeared a tattoo in the form of a fox, and the
crystal pendant took its place around her neck. After that her whole body began to burn and she
started to turn into a humanoid vixen herself. After the first shock, crystal tried her new body and
slowly accepted it. Aiko told her that they could speak a little bit more after they get out of this
dungeon, and after that disappeared in the pendant. Crystal worked her way out of this hole, and even
she had big problems to get this far, in her new body she had little problems to flee this place.
Later that night she reached an old house where no one lived anymore. She tried to contact Aiko who
after some seconds appeared in front of her again. The first thing she wanted to know is if she has to
stay in the vixen body, but shortly after saying it, she turned back to her old self only a little bit more
muscular, and she still has her scars.

She talked to whole rest of the night with Aiko to find out a little more about her and her powers and
what they are gonna do in the future. Crystal will try to find artifacts and old libraries to find out what
happened to Aiko, and she in return will help Crystal with her fights.

To be continued....

Zaephyr Fox / Crystal Sakura belongs to Sascha R. (Night Wolf 2100 / NiWo21k
© 2017 - 2020 NiWo21k
I thought, if I post all the interpretations from different artists of my character, it might be not that bad to upload the old text where she is coming from and maybe also explaining some of the things you can see or better read here.

She was a character that was created over 12 years ago. It was at a time where I was part of a small group of people who wanted to try out some Pen&Paper RPG. No, while we mostly took already prepared characters, I always had the idea to create one of my own. I took a lot of liberties (yes I didn't have a rulebook at the time at hand when I wrote this), and somehow this was the end product of some weekend work. But I never came to play or even fit her into a specific system, because shortly after I finished this very rough version, our group disbanded.

I think I threw most of the things away, but somehow this character stayed with me, and this file was always coming back somehow, even after I got a new PC. So every time I tinkered a little bit with her (she changed a little bit over time).

I know its still in a very rough state (i know a lot of people who said its an absolute bad written piece of garbage) - I know, it's more of a very rough outline i created. But I still want to continue the story and also fix some of the problems that are in it in the future.

In the next months, i will start writing the prologue of my upcoming story featuring this character. 

So why collect these drawings of different characters?
This was something that just happened 2016. I got the possibility to have a cameo in a comic ("The Beast Legion" by Jazyl Homavazir), but I didn't want my face seen there (I know, ironic that nearly 6 months later I started a youtube channel where I talk into the camera) so I asked him if he would do a version of this character instead. He agreed and so the first drawn version of her was born. Later NotImportant gave me the option to draw me in a version that would fit into her comic, and again I asked about my OC. She agreed, and since then I had the idea to start to collect all these different versions of her from my favorite artists.

So in future, there will be a lot more of them ;-)

And yes there was an experimental try to write a real story around her which can be read here fav.me/dbvhsgg but going from peoples reactions this was not real good...
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