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Apricot Cookie from Apricot Cookie(s)! (Doodle)

By NiWo21k
I needed to do something that cheer me up a little. And reading her adventures always bring a smile on my face :)
So I thought lets doodle her.

So this is "Apricot Cookie" from the web comic "Apricot Cookie(s)" by :iconlouistrations: Louis Lloyd-Judson

Please check out his web comic. Its a really fun Magical Girl comic that takes a little different approach ;)

And as always, please remember:
I am no artist and cant draw ;) (Wink)

The timelapse video can be found here:
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Cute! I suggest coloring the edges darker to make your coloring more vibrant :>

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You talk in riddles :D
No, I know what you mean, but these are just doodles - I set myself a time (in this case 30 minutes) and try to finish them in this frame. 
So, there is not much of fine work in the end ^^ I am always happy that I am at least able to finish in time and that the character is at least recognizable in the end, still can't draw shit :D
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Mhm ^^

Oh, I see. However, what I meant is that amidst your coloring, try to color the edges or whole bases of the image darker since your coloring is super light and calm. Nevertheless, it looks fine either way~

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I know what you meant :)
If I would take more time, I could be more exact. Finishing the coloring better or even working more on the details, like erasing all the extra lines from the scribing. 
I also have problems with my pens - they are just some cheap ones I once got, just to be able to get a little bit of color on there.
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Oooh, I see now.

TBH, I used to use old ones too and they worked fine but I guess you do this just for fun

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They work for what I do, but I just think they are too soft (I just can't get the outlines the way I want) and have no really good opacity - look at the timelapse videos I did and you might see what I mean. They are more for kids who just want to draw something than someone who wants to work with them in a more serious matter. But they do their job for these kinds of doodles :)

Yeah, it's just a fun distraction, but I am honest, I thought about getting better ones. But on the other site, good material isn't that cheap (the pens I have now, had cost me a little bit over 35 €, approx. 40 $ - double that for good pens) :/ Even if I get more basic ones, they are still a lot more expensive than what I have now. And here I have to think about it. Just for these doodles it's a lot of money, and then there is still the problem, that I am not really that good drawing stuff, actually, I am pretty bad at it as you can see Sweating a little...  - so getting expensive material is actually wasted money in my case :/

I actually once bought a basic Wacom tablet (believe it or not) for something like this, I quickly got used to it (it was one without display). but still, even if its "old school", I love traditional art more ;)
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Well, you know, in my experience, working with soft, pastel colors/markers is really a eye-pleasing thing. They make drawings super pretty like watercolor based drawings. In your case, it fits well with your drawings but you do need to make them a bit more darker so that the camera could show your characters more. :>

Wait what? "I am pretty bad at it as you can see" Oh my gosh, I've never seen such an underrated critique. Your drawing is actually good?? That thing would be a bit hard for me especially since you're good at proportion and making your drawings big (The bigger it is, the harder it gets).

Aha, I know what you mean. There's something different that comes to traditional drawings that make them more special.

Markers are really expensive and I barely buy expensive ones. I bought a twenty-something priced chisel tip markers because I'm cheap 😔and I think they work fine. There are cheaper ones around the internet, try this one:

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Oh, I think I have written it a little bit unclear what I meant Sweating a little... I meant the pen mine of the colored pencils are too soft - the black one I have is nearly at its end, after only 14 drawings :o
It feels like it's melting the moment I put it on paper and that is actually really annoying because you can't get a balanced line this way and have to sharpen the pen too often.

Watercolor drawings can be really nice, but I think they are really hard to pull off - and for me, I am honest, too much work :D

And yes, I am bad, and I really can't draw - that is not a saying, its the truth ;)
The doodles I did are, as I said, only copies and not good ones at that. Don't you think, if I could draw I might have tried to draw my own OC? ;)
I have zero feel for proportions, I just use the example picture and when I draw I only use some pointers so it might look ok. But I am still not able to draw freely. Believe me, you don't want to see how a free drawing would look from me - you wouldn't be able to even understand what I tried to draw ;)

Yeah, drawing on a piece of paper just has this different feel to it, and if you are able to hold it in your hand or put it on the wall it just has also a whole other effect, especially when the paper has also some signs of being used - if you catch what I mean.

I heard of these markers, but they are expensive as hell here in Germany - a 12 pack would cost me nearly 60$ :(
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