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I am just an uncreative idiot who tries to "create" and fails with every new piece ^^;

If you search for something viewable, please search somewhere else, here is nothing to see.

But if you want to see some of the worst stuff you can find on dA, then welcome to the bottom of the barrel.

Nowhere else you will find worse:

- Pictures

- Doodles

- Stories

The only good thing you will find here is a short fanfic story that was drawn by the amazing @Claarin who put a script of mine into a beautiful (freestyle :D) panelform :)

So again, if you stumbled upon this page through a accident, sorry, please continue, if you want to stay, be my guest, but please, don´t say I didn´t warn you

Just posted my last pictures here on dA. And with that, my time her is done. It were 3 wonderful years, but seeing that I am just not an creator, or better my "creations" are nothing people really enjoy :D - this was just a matter of time until I needed to pull the plug :) I wanted to thank all the wonderful people I met here and who gave me some feedback. Some of you will see me still around some other places, with some I still have contact and others who might find this place, you can look for me on other sites. The Comic I am working on, "Fox & Spirit", can be found on Tapas or Webtoon, and for the one or two who are interested, I recommend checking it out there, because the fun is about to begin :D And my pictures will be visible once a while on my YouTube channel. So again, thanks for the fun times. Even if we had some downer moments, it will be times to remember :) Until we meet again ^^
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Yeah, the title already tells the story. This place changed a lot over the last years, and seeing that all the projects I put up, recieved just no real interest (ok I admit some of it is really bad :D ) I think uploading stuff here is not worth the time and effort. Maybe I will start putting my pictures up on some photo sites. The comic "Fox & Spirit" I work on with Claarin will continue on "Tapas" and "Webtoons" (there is more interest, here on dA no one really cares, what I find sad, because Clarin does such an amazing job with the art). But again, I am still fighting with myself. Maybe there is someone out there who enjoys my stuff here but seeing that most of my followers are just some "collectors" - I don´t think someone would miss my stuff here :) Let me know if I am wrong o not if I am right ^^
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Just a little thing I put together the past days to promote our comic - hope you enjoy it :)
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thank you for the watch <3

You are welcome :)

Your work is amazing and lovely to look at and I al looking forward seeing more :)

thanks again :)) will upload more art

Thank you for the support, I'm glad you liked our crafts! Huggle! ! Love
You are welcome :hug:
Keep up that great work :)
Thanks for the fav!
You are welcome :hug: :)