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I am NO artist, just a watcher
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I am just an uncreative idiot who tries to "create" and fails with every new piece ^^;

If you search for something viewable, please search somewhere else, here is nothing to see.

But if you want to see some of the worst stuff you can find on dA, then welcome to the bottom of the barrel.

Nowhere else you will find worse:

- Pictures

- Doodles

- Stories

The only good thing you will find here is a short fanfic story that was drawn by the amazing @Claarin who put a script of mine into a beautiful (freestyle :D) panelform :)

So again, if you stumbled upon this page through a accident, sorry, please continue, if you want to stay, be my guest, but please, don´t say I didn´t warn you

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Wow nice art 💕☺️

Ah, please don*t say that. The art doesn't belong to me but to Claarin.

The good stuff is from real artists and the rest, the ugly trash, was from me 😅

Oh ok but all of it was nice

Hehe, don't worry - it happens a lot :)

I only have the work from Claarin here because we tried to work on a comic together.

My work are all the writings, doodles and mobile phone photos you can find. Stuff that every preschooler can do better (as many people told me - I am one of the worst "creators" ever existed :D - So I stopped creating all together). So, yeah thanks for the nice words, even if they are more directed to a different artist :)

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thank you for the watch <3

You are welcome :)

Your work is amazing and lovely to look at and I al looking forward seeing more :)

thanks again :)) will upload more art