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This one took me ages, mostly because I wanted it to be perfect and that never happens. I'm too self criticizing! But here it is!
Wauw, I loved that episode. Perhaps an unpopular opinion, I'm not sure. 
Pear Butter and Bright Mac really caught my heart, I love their designs and their story. I think they have both passed away based on the story we were told.
But enough of my theories! I really wanted a pic of the lovely family together before they became "Orphans" and I just love, Apple Blooms resemblances to Bright Mac. 
I have no plot or story for this pic, but feel free to make up your own, I would love to hear them!

The size of this pic made it available for use as wallpaper, so feel free to download! 
Other than that I hope you enjoy this!

The Apples (c) Hasbro Studios
Art (c) NiviMonster 
Background (c) Kooner-cz

Apple Garden by Kooner-cz

Thank you for making this awesome background available for use! 

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And then they died.
Ry-BluePony1's avatar
Awww!❤️❤️❤️ So adorable!
Ry-BluePony1's avatar
You're very talented :)
NiviMonster's avatar
Thank you! You're so kind :)
Ry-BluePony1's avatar
That's who I am :)
PhoneixThefirebird's avatar
I saw the episode. i love it. <3
PhoneixThefirebird's avatar
it's like Romeo and Juliet. minus the death part.
NiviMonster's avatar
That depends if Bight Mac and Pear Butter did die or not, if so, then its like Romeo and Juliett :XD:
TheforgottenSiren's avatar
this episode...made me tear up, no other episode has done that. Heck, not even the fan made 'my little dashie' made me teary
NiviMonster's avatar
It was so close to tears for me as well, no episode has done that for me either!
TheforgottenSiren's avatar
it truly was amazing,
Vildtiger's avatar
of all the family dynamics of mlp, I say the apple family is my favorite, especially after the introduction of Pear butter and Bright Mac.
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