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Before I go and mention the winners I want to address a couple of things:

First of all, thank you, thank you all who participated in this contest, I really wasn't expecting much attention, but thankfully you guys proved me wrong.

It is this same attention that made it too hard for me to pick the best 3, it really was! so many great entries and characters that if I where to use the ones I liked we would have had 10 winners, but sadly, there is only place for 3.
When choosing the winners I had to remember that, this contest was for thugs, some of you made the bad guys too bad ass to be lesser grunts.

Whit out any more delay, here are the winners!

1st place!

winner of 300usd
a lifetime subscription to
and the grand prize of your character being in CougarX demo! 

2nd place!

winner of 200usd
a lifetime subscription to
your character ingame

3th place!

winner of 100usd
a lifetime subscription to
your character ingame

I have to mention again, every character will be in the video game, yes, but the first place will be in the demo, meaning it will be the first to appear while the others will have to wait for its final release.

to claim your prize, be so kind to contact me at:

congratulations again to the winners! and lets hope there are more contest to come!

Forgot to mention, the overall design of the characters will remain untouched, for the most part, but keep in mind the style will change to fit the game's

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awesome designs!! congratulations for the winners!
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Congratz to the Winners :dance:
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Congratulations guys! Thanks to the :iconniveus-diabolus: for this intresting contest.
Hope to see my char in game when it's done :)
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Congrats guys! :D
soulSmith1's avatar
ShiftyMcGearJam's avatar
I cannot wait to see these in motion!
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darn dropbox wont let me see the winners, congrats to them all the same though
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congrats to all the winners! ;u;
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