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Daily basis

Last times I suffer greatly. And all is my fault. My mind is. Because I believe I'm selfish. I help. Then I believe I'm too kind. I bite my lips and go on. I tell myself I'm independent. Then I fall in love, because I think it's easy for me to do so. Then I ask my self, hey, what's that for. Nonsense here.
And then what I believe meets the reality. What we believe. And it ruins our sleep. Cause none of us have idea what to do with it. At least we're together.
:heart: fellis, niech będzie z nami siła :kitty: :giggle:
Photo stuff

I'm quite amazed how people reacted to my latest submissions. I'm glad that people like what I do. It means a lot to me and I appreciate it greatly. It also means that I've made progress. It was a long way.
There is still a couple of photos to go, but exam time at school restricts my time. That's also why I have no way to answer all of you guys for comments and faves and watches. Let me thank you once again for good words. :)
take care,
:heart: Jo

<3's Feature

fellis :
Lights will guide you home by fellis Keep Going by fellis Fullcolors by fellis Lonely flight by fellis

Dhante :
Colors of autumn by Dhante Behind the broken glass by Dhante In the land of chaos by Dhante Lines, rects and stones by Dhante

u can stand under my umbrella by nous-persefona dawn escapes. by nous-persefona I want to disappear. by nous-persefona one hundred years of solitude by nous-persefona

definitely go check out their profiles! ;)

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Daily basis

To tell you the truth I don't know what is going on. Christmas time quickly vanished, I welcomed the new, better I hope, year of 2009 with trust it will treat me nicer than last one did. Of course I do have to mention that I entered it with lovely fellis and armoire, not to forget Mr. Darcy (XD). That's why I listen to two Japanese songs now (ale z was dupy xd :*).
Let me wish you a better 2009 to you to, no matter what 2008 brought you.
Photo stuff

As you can see I had a session in Old Town a couple of days ago with Qdlacz & Szalek. I had a very good time with them <3, but I'm not happy with photos I made there. Today I did a couple of satisfying photos around. Will post them successfully in time.
:heart: Jo


:thumb108486767: :thumb108475692: minimal xxx by Bazsitoo
         Magical Forest by WhitePwny :thumb108486689:

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Hello, fellow deviants!
Because of new looks of dA profiles, I made myself to make a small upgrade. ;)
Life's busy busy, but this Friday my 16 days school break starts, which means I'll have time for photographing at last! You think, she's again blabbing and won't do that. But I do have to go to the forest near my house, can you believe it's almost 5 months and I had no time to go there at peace? Studying makes a person busy, I didn't believe that until I became a student. lol

So, take care and expect something in sometime. :slow:


:thumb106499539: Alone in the Dark... by vincentfavre :thumb106493131:
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Says everything. ;) kthxbai [lol]
Hope you people are good? :kiss: ;)
Jo :heart:
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Done with exams

Ok. 7 exams. Seven flippin', stressful, damn exams. Yesterday I took my last one. I kicked some ass, man. So what now?
Holidays. Hmpf. I'm a week off, visiting my family and I'm back in the town. Really dunno what I'll do then. We, me and my friends, have some serious photo sessions planned, so expect some deviations from me.
Duh. I should find a job. :|

Ok. So that's mainly what I wanted to say. My plan is to refresh my deviantpage. Starting with new id, I guess.



Still amazed for

u can stand under my umbrella by nous-persefona
u can stand under my umbrella

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