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Fire Drill

By Niur-Tarow
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Back Row: (left to right)
PF FS Cuauhtemoc IX, 7yo Spanish Mustang stallion
PF Turn the Page, 3yo Spanish Sport Horse colt
Front Row: (left to right)
PF Ice Cream Man, 3yo American Saddlebred colt
PF FS Sun Dog, 11yo Spanish Mustang stallion
PF Florentine, 10yo Spanish Sport Horse stallion
Tail, left corner:
PF Zaph's Starrider, 8yo Spanish Sport Horse stallion
Tail, right corner:
PF Black Whole Son, 14yo PRE Andalusian stallion

AC: Holy shiznat, guys. :faint: I got this idea at work and itched to get back home to doodle it before I lost it. And I must say, I am supercalafragilisticly happy with the results. This is the most horses I've done in one picture (7, if you count the two tails) with references. It is so beautiful... :sob:

The weather was getting warmer, even though local farmers were expecting a few morning frosts before spring settled in to stay. The horses were slowly losing their winter coats, their bright summer hides peeking through the drab winter fluff. With the warm weather came the perfect opportunity to practice one of the most important safety measures of the farm.

Fire was a danger on any farm. But when most of the farm's equity stood on four legs in three barns, fire meant the difference between prosperity and total financial ruin. Pembrooke had systems in place for such occasions, and the first warm day in April had the staff preparing for a fire drill. In the event of a fire, all of the stall doors in each barn were programed to open automatically. The main doors of each barn opened as well, allowing all of the horses to escape.

This part was by far the most exciting. From foals, all Pembrooke horses were trained to canter out of the barn and gather at a safe distance. Never was the training program so obviously in tune than at that moment - when thirty stallions and stud colts poured out of their stalls and into the sun, only to gather calmly in several small groups of bachelor bands near the edge of their main pasture a football field away. What could have been mass chaos at best and a bloodbath at worst was calm and orderly, the older studs guiding the younger generations into line.

In case of problems a small army of German Shepherds and Dobermans were on hand to bring the horses under control, but the farm dogs were rarely, if ever, needed at fire drills. They watched the action from the back lawn of the great house, tongues lolling out of their mouths, either sitting or sprawled out on the new spring grass.

Getting the horses back into their stalls could be difficult, except that Charles was smart enough to have drills right before evening feeding, so the boys willingly filed back inside for their oats. At other times, the staff would open the gates to the stallion pasture and let the horses roam, since it was the policy of Pembrooke Fields to allow horses as much natural grazing and pasture time as possible.

All in all, it was a well-oiled machine. The process required a great deal of work: training foals and new purchases to the system and checking the alarm system itself, but the results were safe and seamless. And once again, the farm was prepared in case of fire.

And now you know everything you never wanted to know about fire drills at Pembrooke. :dummy:

artwork and characters (c) ~Niur-Tarow
Temoc referenced from this [link] by ~venomxbaby
Pager referenced from this [link] by ~venomxbaby
Chip referenced from this [link] by ~Kelzyra-HorseStock
Sun Dog referenced from this [link] by ~venomxbaby
Tin-Tin referenced from this [link] by ~Aestivall-Stock
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TheSevenDemon's avatar
I love it, the horses seem almost alive. The colours and patterns are really good as well, and you've captured the moment quite spectularly.
One thing though.

Try some muscle structure?
Niur-Tarow's avatar
Thank you. I need to work on my shading a great deal, so I can see where my muscle structure is lacking. But thank you for the tip - I'll work harder. :)
biggs2's avatar
Love the horsey colors!!
Niur-Tarow's avatar
Thank you! I chose my most colorful boys for this piece. :)
biggs2's avatar
Welcome :) I'm not that good at drawin horses but I am going to draw them some tomorrow to get the basics down ;) I excel at wolves though u should see some of my pics and tell me what u think :) I'd appreciate it
Niur-Tarow's avatar
You're doing far better than I am at wolves. I always get hung up on the fur. Keep at it - you're doing great!
Mendokusee's avatar
wonderful ^^ I love that it looks so natural 8D Loving all the movements of all the different horses so much ;D
Very well done love :heart:
Niur-Tarow's avatar
That was the hardest part, getting all of the poses to mesh together. But it turned out awesome! I can't wait to do something else like this!
Mendokusee's avatar
I do hope you do more of these! They are awesome!
So much respect for doing it traditionally too!!
femalefred's avatar
This is just a fantastic idea and it's beautifully executed! I love the dynamic of the image, and the perspective is great too :)
Niur-Tarow's avatar
Thank you so much! I had so much fun doing this. I was getting tired of just doing show entries and stuff and wanted something more home-based. And it was an excuse to draw some of my lesser known babies.
femalefred's avatar
I can see you've had fun x) This has so much life in it!
AccaliaRose's avatar
What a great idea! It's obvious you've really thought this through and the poses are wonderfully done :la:
Niur-Tarow's avatar
Thanks! When I thought of it at work I was so excited. It was great fun to do, I can't wait to do more home pictures.
AccaliaRose's avatar
Sounds like fun :la: I've always wanted to try a row of horses in their stalls, but I hate drawing wood, so I've never actually done it :XD: maybe I'll have to suck it up and give it a try :p
Niur-Tarow's avatar
I've wanted to do that one as well, but I always get scared about messing up the perspective. :( I'll have to buck up and try it too.
AccaliaRose's avatar
:nod: we'll both have to try it then ;p
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