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February 20, 2011
Self Destruction by ~niuner is an artwork full of rage and symbolism you don't wanna miss. So energetic, so strong, so true.
Featured by Atramina
Suggested by moonnightsilver
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Self Destruction

Original Size: 6000 * 3000
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7eptem's avatar
When I first saw this, I had to think of Hotline Miami! :D
BrunoMour's avatar
Incrible! Fantastic! lack words
mike1966's avatar
oh my good god, I love this image and your skillssssss
ncat29's avatar
How much for the original?
uniquex1's avatar
i want it too but it seems its very difficult to get...
ncat29's avatar
Theres gotta be some way
ncat29's avatar
My email is
ncat29's avatar
Hello, love the art. Wondering how/where I can get a print?
Please send me a copy of the original high res copy as I would love to print on convas for my living room.
RodionRaskolnikof's avatar
Please upload the original size, then i can order it as a poster for my living room
marzenax's avatar
beautiful barbarism
loved it! i saw it the following tonight. EPIC painting, i'd love it at my home
NamelessSaint's avatar
I have a group :iconthe-fanart-society: that has a folder Other Related Arts; Conceptual Arts for epic works such as this. Even though my group is primarily for fan art, we do love to have other kinds of art. I would be honored if you let me host this piece, thanks.
jakndaxta's avatar
Hey could you possibly send me the full resolution one? i have a dual screen pc setup and id love this as a high res wallpaper :) Thanks1
Thesleepywolf's avatar
This is so amazingly incredible. I was going through Zodiac signs and Chinese signs but there's not enough, are these random animals or does each hold a meaning?
LOL! I see Russia strangling USA in the left side of picture.
c-rash's avatar
a-ma-zing! and a very interesting concept
MoonOfGalaxy's avatar
So awesome!! :3
xzendor7's avatar
An Impressive Work Of art
appelt65's avatar
Master-Monochrome's avatar
Brilliant... Very impressive!
steveo767's avatar
Best Art I've ever seen.
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