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Woodwork VS

A lot of people have been asking me for the visual style from an entry [link] I created for a screenshot competition. I'm submitting it here, as is, which is only a few simple mods away from what you see in the screenshot. The taskbar and start menu are not skinned, as I used Samurize for those functions in my setup. The VS I started from scratch on, Sandwich [link] by ~akka, is present in areas I didn't need to customize.

The font I used in the screenshot is a pay font, so I'm not giving it out. I've replaced it with Segoe UI 7pt.

Please install the included font before using the visual style.

Obviously this will be probably need to be modded to match. I suggest using TGTSoft's Stylebuilder [link] Please remember to credit me if you release a mod or use a mod in a screenshot. Also remember to link back to this submission when releasing mods or improvements. Thanks.

If you'd like to, check it out at [link]


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Tell me, how to install a theme?
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yay thanks for adding to DitchDefault =)
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Where to find these wallpapers? Been looking everywhere!
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They're from Go there and search for 'wood'.
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Thank you, sir.
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The task bar is not showing up at wood, when I applied it. It looks like a skin I downloaded a long time ago for Winamp... that I ended up not liking... please help. It's black. Everything else is fine, but the task bar is black with white stripes on it, and if I maximize windows it shows that on them too... :(
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As stated in the description of the visual style, it is not a complete skin. The set-up I ran with this didn't use the windows taskbar.

You're more than welcome to finish it off for personal use if you'd like.
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Oh okay... eh, if I knew how I'd do it. It's so complicated. I can't even find out. I searched Google for a few hours, trying to find out how to make a Visual Style on Windows XP and also make it work for Windows Vista too... cause I wanted to make one that kind a resembles Arcanum the game, and share it with the community at [link].

The only thing I could find was a tutorial, but when I got on the tutorial... it didn't exist. I hope somebody posts a tutorial, or instructions of some kind, on how to make Visual Styles. I don't like using programs for Windows themes.
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I use TGTsoft's Stylebuilder [link] to make and edit themes. I'm not sure about Vista, but it works great for XP visual styles.
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Thanks. I'll study it, and try to make my own theme. Is it alright if I edit yours for practice? I won't submit it of course...
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Yeah, that's fine. In fact, you can edit any .msstyle file for practice and/or personal use. I'd suggest practicing on a more complete theme.
oh...nice Theme
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Dude! Cool work!
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the best of "woodworks".
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great work! :thumbsup:
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This is on par with Frankenstein's Earth VS, which was incredible. Someone please finish a fully skinned version of this.. I attempted it but I have no idea what I'm doing with stylebuilder and quickly was in over my head.
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Cool for sharing man. Like those caption buttons. :P
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I like this a lot. :)
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Wood texture for window bar is nice and is promising, even if I should admit I was waiting for a bit more from a mod. :)

I'm looking forward for your next version. ;)
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