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Photowalls 5

well, here's pack 5. this time around, there's a mix of new photos taken by me, remixes of photos from previous packs, and stock photos. i hope everyone finds a couple shots they like.

16 photos, 1920x1200 - other resolutions can be found here.

photos 6, 8, 10, and 16 were taken by me. all other stock is from post processing was done by me in photoshop cs4.

if you like any of these, check out my first four photowall packs: four three two one

edit: wow, a lot of people have downloaded this. way more than usual, too. if you link to the pack on another site, please let me know. i'd just like to be able to thank whoever is getting it the extra exposure.

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Love the collection man.. Thanx a alot !
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These look awesome :thumbsup:
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:thumbsup: Using them already. I'm back on the GSM pf thread. Back to work...
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thanks bud. keep up the great work.
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great pack! thx
(are you the same nitzua as on lifehacker? :) )
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yes i am.

glad you're enjoying the walls.
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oh yeah, they are great! the other packs too...

nice to meet you here...i loved one of your comments on lh "...making your desktop your bitch is what it's all about..." :D
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I'm always so happy when another one of these comes out! Thanks for the walls!
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hah, thanks mate. good to hear you're enjoying them
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