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Bonafied Lovin'

as soon as I saw j3's new wall [link] I knew I had to do a screenshot with the color scheme. hope this does it justice.

wallpaper__slight mod of bonafied lovin' by j3
gehrunnerjunge__bonafied lovin' scheme by me
findeXer__scheme by me
ff__titlebar tweaks, custom userchrome, custom theme, compact menu
notepad, pic & viewer, run dialog, explorer menu bar__reshacked
samurize__me, using parts of the wall

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nop, just interesting... ^^;
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haha alright, it's tough to decipher online sometimes.
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yes I know! ask me that my native language is Spanish :cries:
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The link on the walls are broken :\
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although extremely belated, this is my favourite of yours. as close to perfection as we'll get. awesome.
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thanks, i was actually thinking of doing a 2009 version, maybe with litestep this time.
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Incredible work!
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Awesome. Too bad that you used Paint though. Because Paint is lacking alot of tools that could be used. But you are alot more skilled with Paint than I could ever dream of being, lol.

Great work, for using paint, really - it takes alot for me to compliment something that was done in Paint.

I'll be watching for a release of the VS, so I can try it out.

If it makes it any easier, try making it into a WindowBlinds skin. It's got alot of features that Windows alone don't have, to make skinning a breeze, and adding features that can make the VS even better.
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Just to clarify, I (probably, it's been so long) only used paint for the pixel on the caption bar, window borders, etc. The stripes on the caption bar were done in Photoshop. Basically, I prefer Paint as a quick, per-pixel editor, but I use Photoshop for any of the complicated stuff.
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Do you know of any good pixel tutorials out there? I wanna learn how to do pixels, they confuse me, not much to work with especially when they're 24x24, and I really wanna be able to work with it at that size, as best I can, and practice.
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When I say pixel work, I'm referring to doing per-pixel editing/creation, as in pixel by pixel. A pixel is the smallest possible unit on your monitor or in a piece of digital art. When you pick the pencil tool in mspaint, you're working with an individual pixel size. There are no 24x24 pixels, but rather documents that are 24 pixels by 24 pixels.

A lot of borders and other simple graphics in visual styles are most easily achieved by constructing them pixel by pixel. The more complex graphics, like gradients and caption bar graphics could be done this way, but it would obviously be a much more tedious process.
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Oh wow, that really helps alot! I think I can go ahead and give it a go, without a tutorial now. Thanks for the information my friend. :)
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do you still have that hacked run dialog?
the one from wint isnt really what im looking for.
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nope. i rehacked mine to take out the 'ok' button. the run dialog is totally visual as far as how you edit it in reshacker tho, except for the font size/face.
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want that so bad ;)
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im a little late, but thats an insane screenshot. you mind sending me that vs?
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i had a lot of requests for it back in the day, but i never gave it out because it wasn't quite finished. it's pretty easy to recreate tho, let me know if you need any help doing so.
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eh, im a noob at this type of stuff. all that i really need is the scrollbar knowing that i use blackbox
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