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October 9, 2013
Nautilus for Windows 7 by =Nittiyh This visual style is unique. Nittiyh had a incredible sense of structure, making the dark background and red lines fit fine without confusing your eyes. A very recommended piece.
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Nautilus for Windows 7



Have a lil fun with your computer and give it a cool, flat look!

As usual, please read the install notes very carefully- I checked about a thousand times to make sure that all the steps were correct, so if you follow them, you shouldn't run into any trouble.

Better shots: Nautilus. Nautilus Grey. Planisphere V2.

Wallpapers: Goodbye by ~Zim2687, When evening falls by *StopScreamGraphy

Taskbar text icons: here!

Used in the preview: 580 by ~Zim2687

Check out *cathycatchy and ~Brandon-G for matching app skins!

Edit: if you have issues with your taskbar showing blank buttons with no text/icons you need to set your taskbar properties to "always combine, hide labels"
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 I want to see the text but it is no working. How can I fix that? thanks